Trudeau Slammed As “High Carbon Hypocrite” After Revelation His Campaign Uses Two Planes

And this one is resonating with the Canadian People.

Sometimes it takes a clear example of hypocrisy to truly resonate, especially amid the din of an election campaign.

So, while Trudeau has been ripped as a hypocrite for numerous things, it seems that a recent revelation following a leaders debate is having a big impact.

It turns out that while all the federal leaders are using one plane to carry the media, their campaign staff, and their campaign equipment (lights, microphones, podiums, etc.) elitist Justin Trudeau is the only leader using two planes.

It’s stunningly hypocritical, since Trudeau now has double the carbon footprint of all the other candidates, even as he demands that other Canadians pay higher and higher taxes to “cut carbon emissions.”

And that hypocrisy as led to the spreading hashtag #HighCarbonHypocrite, and a ton of memes and attacks:

“Justin Trudeau has been secretly flying two planes around during this whole campaign. One for him. One for his cargo. Double the emissions. Double the hypocrisy.”

“While Trudeau makes life unaffordable for Canadians with a carbon tax, he’s personally jetting around the country with two high-emitting personal planes. Seriously.”

“The absolute best thing I’ve seen on Twitter lately.”

“The sad reality of the #trudeautwoplanes scandal is that while @JustinTrudeau thinks it’s okay to campaign with two planes – he is FORCING a carbon tax on hard-working Canadians. This is what makes him a #HighCarbonHypocrite #cdnpoli #elxn43”

Once again, we see that Justin Trudeau thinks the rules he imposes on the rest of us shouldn’t apply to him.

That arrogance needs to be punished at the ballot box.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter