Video: Rosemary Barton Defends Trudeau, Repeats Liberal Talking Points

More questions raised about Barton’s bias.

Rosemary Barton has been repeatedly criticized for having what many Canadians see as a pro-Liberal, pro-Trudeau bias.

Rosemary Barton CBC Biased

Now, with an election underway and Barton being one of the moderators for the upcoming federal leaders debate, another example of Barton’s bias is being shared on social media.

Justin Trudeau has in the past said he’s ‘personally opposed to abortion,’ but would not legislate that view as PM.

In terms of actual impact, that is the same as what Andrew Scheer has been saying, with Scheer calling himself ‘pro-life,’ while also noting that he would not support any measure restricting abortion, and would indeed vote against any such measure.

It’s the exact same thing the Conservatives did during their near decade in power, as abortion laws in Canada remain unchanged, even when the Conservatives had a majority.

Yet, when a CBC reporter speaking with Barton pointed out the similarity in Trudeau’s position and Scheer’s position, Barton inexplicably used talking points identical to what the Liberals say, defended Trudeau, and cast doubts on Scheer.

You can watch her comments below:

This is exactly why so many Canadians see Barton as biased, and why many people feel she is far too biased to be participating in the leaders debates.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


With media bias reaching unprecedented levels, Canada needs independent voices like Spencer Fernando now more than ever. If you want to support Spencer, you can contribute through PayPal at the link below:

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These 3 lieberal bias lieberal controlled debates should have been cancelled, it is all over the lieberal bought out media that they all ganged up and just smeared and attacked Andrew Sheer and the only lieberal contorted English debate ( for the other 80% of the country) will have even more attackers, from the far right and far left. It will be hard being the only centrist trying to keep Canada afloat with common sense, good luck Andrew Scheer I will still vote for you, Canada needs you, but I will not watch a sick fixed lieberal debate, wasted time.… Read more »

james isnor

The CBC has been doing this for the past few years running cover and carrying water for the PMO . I made a written inquiry to the Ombudsman about the CBC ‘s bias. I got a ‘nothing to see here’ canned response


She should be working at CNN, not as a Canadian commentator. It would be interesting to have a look at her bank account.

D Met

She’s the same tendentious fool that moderated the debate back in 2015 where she allowed time for Trudeau to dominate and continually cut prime minister Harper off. She’s basically useless as a moderator directly because of her partisanship.


No more tax dollars for any media especially CBC they shoulda been shut down long long ago

old white guy

Five liberal women moderating a political gong show, what could go wrong. Before someone says they are not all liberal prove that the woman from the sun is not a liberal. By the way, these political shows are as far from being a debate as two kindergarten kids discussing lunch.


I think about how when I first found Spencers site and the information that I learned about what has been happening in Canada under the liberals. I realize Rosemary knows all of these things about Justin and chooses to keep trying to push him on to the people that are ill informed. What a sad state of affairs.


As a journalist she is a fraud. Not unlike the CBC.


Both Rosemary Barton and Althia Raj are both Biased Liberal Commentators and should NEVER be Moderators. It is very Obvious that Rosemary Barton is a Liberal and has been Backing a Lying, Treasonous PM. Althia Raj met with the likes of Gerald Butts ahead of this upcoming Debate and everyone knows that she was giving Butts the questions that the Candidates would be asked, so that Butts could prep Trudeau to give the answers in order to hide his Stupidity! Gerald Butts was seen making notes! It is Imperative that ALL Candidates be Neutral, but being that at least two… Read more »

Shawn Harris

This is just another move by Trudeau, to deny the voters of Canada a free and fair election. Just how and by what qualifications did the elections debate commision come to the conclusion, that Rose Mary Barton, a CBC reporter, who has shown on video, an open lust and love of and for Trudeau, would be the ideal moderator. Given the fact that the CBC is viewed as just the mouthpiece and propaganda arm of the Liberal Party. Then again the elections debate commission was just a Potemkin image, created to give a false sense of independence and political neutrality… Read more »

Nolan Diamond

What a disgrace this so called debate, turned out to be. The first statement, out of the first moderator, was a trashing of Maxime Bernier. So the lefty CBC, is afraid of the Peoples Party, I wonder why? The amount of time given to the Green & NDP Party, was such a waist. Was the CBC trying to hide Trudeau & prevent any screwups?


This is one of the things that bothers me about Scheer. How can one be personally pro life, yet not have a problem with the fact we have NO abortion laws at all in Canada. This has been true since Brian Mulroney was in office. The Supreme Court struck down existing laws, and his government wanted to bring in at least some abortion restrictions, but there wasn’t the will to do it at the time. So now decades later, it’s perfectly legal in Canada for a woman to get an abortion at any stage and for any reason, assuming she… Read more »

Nolan Diamond

The CBC & the rest of the lefty media, must protect it’s cherished abortion rights, along with the politicians, afraid to oppose it.

alan skelhorne

cbc, those three letters are a disgrace to Canadians.

Susie Lawrence

This will be the most rigged election in Canadian history. Already non citizens are receiving voting cards and citizens are not. The CUPI strike is using our children to keep the liberals in power. What new lows will they go.


It’s also exactly why Turdeau wanted her there. Unlike with Dawna Friesen, he knows he can completely trust Barton.

Jim Montag

She Fawns over JT so much it is riduiculous.


One point of order, there are NO abortion laws in Canada. The Supreme Court of Canada struck down the last of them back in the late 1980s and the Mulroney government of the day never introduced a replacement. The whole argument over Andrew Scheer being pro life is an infantile attempt to paint the federal Conservatives as a bogymen with a “secret agenda”, because for some bizarre reason they believe that everyone should abide by their idiotic “social justice” worldview. How exactly does Andrew Scheer change an abortion law that does not exist and hasn’t in over 30 years? It’s… Read more »

John Dolkjar

Rosemary should be fired as a government corporation there should not be any form of personal opinion and she constantly cross that line,She must go , she is a poor giggling reporter anyway. Get her out now.


Not only should Barton have been discharged as a moderator of the debates, but she should also be discharged as a journalist. She has joined most other so called journalists in Canada as a mere puppet for Trudy and his gang. As a journalist, once you have become partisan to ANY group, you have sold your soul to the devil and can no longer consider yourself as a journalist…you are now merely a purveyor of partisan propoganda.