Video: Rosemary Barton Defends Trudeau, Repeats Liberal Talking Points

More questions raised about Barton’s bias.

Rosemary Barton has been repeatedly criticized for having what many Canadians see as a pro-Liberal, pro-Trudeau bias.

Rosemary Barton CBC Biased

Now, with an election underway and Barton being one of the moderators for the upcoming federal leaders debate, another example of Barton’s bias is being shared on social media.

Justin Trudeau has in the past said he’s ‘personally opposed to abortion,’ but would not legislate that view as PM.

In terms of actual impact, that is the same as what Andrew Scheer has been saying, with Scheer calling himself ‘pro-life,’ while also noting that he would not support any measure restricting abortion, and would indeed vote against any such measure.

It’s the exact same thing the Conservatives did during their near decade in power, as abortion laws in Canada remain unchanged, even when the Conservatives had a majority.

Yet, when a CBC reporter speaking with Barton pointed out the similarity in Trudeau’s position and Scheer’s position, Barton inexplicably used talking points identical to what the Liberals say, defended Trudeau, and cast doubts on Scheer.

You can watch her comments below:

This is exactly why so many Canadians see Barton as biased, and why many people feel she is far too biased to be participating in the leaders debates.

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