BREAKING: Judge Orders Debate Commission To Accredit True North & Rebel Media Journalists

A victory for freedom and free speech.

A federal court has ordered the Trudeau government controlled Debate Commission to accredit journalists from True North and Rebel Media.

That means Andrew Lawton, David Menzies, and Keean Bexte will be able to cover the debate.

The commission had previously denied accreditation to those journalists, on the basis of accrediation ‘guiding principles’ that were ‘conveniently’ only made public a day before the decision.

Furthermore, the Debate Commission had decided to accredit multiple foreign media institutions, including Communist China reporters and ‘freelancers,’ under a process that was clearly politically motivated and designed to silence Trudeau’s critics.

The move is being celebrated as a win for free speech and free expression:

This is great news for Canada.

However, the fact that it even had to be fought in court is incredibly disturbing, and shows how dangerous and anti-democratic Trudeau’s debate commission is.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube