BREAKING: Judge Orders Debate Commission To Accredit True North & Rebel Media Journalists

A victory for freedom and free speech.

A federal court has ordered the Trudeau government controlled Debate Commission to accredit journalists from True North and Rebel Media.

That means Andrew Lawton, David Menzies, and Keean Bexte will be able to cover the debate.

The commission had previously denied accreditation to those journalists, on the basis of accrediation ‘guiding principles’ that were ‘conveniently’ only made public a day before the decision.

Furthermore, the Debate Commission had decided to accredit multiple foreign media institutions, including Communist China reporters and ‘freelancers,’ under a process that was clearly politically motivated and designed to silence Trudeau’s critics.

The move is being celebrated as a win for free speech and free expression:

This is great news for Canada.

However, the fact that it even had to be fought in court is incredibly disturbing, and shows how dangerous and anti-democratic Trudeau’s debate commission is.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Shawn Harris

Thank God there is at least one judge who has seen Trudeau and his policies for what they really are, just those of a dictator. Like all dictators, one of their first actions is to silence their critics and the media and Trudeau has lived up to that disgustingly evil characteristic. It is both a great day for journalism and free speech and it is also a sad day because our free speech and a free media had to be fought for. Which shows just what Canadians can expect, if Trudeau should win another majority government. More Canadians need to… Read more »


Good news for The Rebel! What worries me is that it might not be much different if Scheer should win the election. He already had David Menzies ejected and handcuffed from a Conservative event that he (Scheer) was attending. Free speech is the cornerstone of a democracy and it needs to stop being weaponized by those in power to shut down those they don’t agree with.






Ah the dangerous lieberal fixed debate, and all those in this debate are against Canada, except the centrist Andrew Scheer. This is so sad and Canadians still don’t see what is happening?

John Wilson

Where are the other national media defending freedom of the press ? Their silence is deafening !! Could it be that they were totally bought and paid for with $600 million of hard earned taxpayers money? I sure looks like that to me. If not , let the MSM defend itself ? What’s that , I can’t hear you!!!


They should not have had to go to court to be allowed to cover the debate in the first place. If you give Trudeau an inch, he’ll take a mile every time.


Trudeau and his 5 get that 5 I said FIVE lawyers forced into Supreme Court today costing Canadians $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to try to defend that nasty antics of suppressing the freedom and truth reporters from attending the Federal Candidates debate. DISUGSTING IN THE EXTREME. I abhor everything Liberal and I especially abhor Justine Truedoughhead. GET THEM GONE!

Major Tom

I can’t believe it……..this….in a Communist police state!


Both True North and Rebel Media should have been accredited by all Candidates and Parties. I have been VERY disappointed with Andrew Scheer not allowing Rebel Journalists to ask them questions, but instead refuse to allow them in their Venues and even have the Police remove them. These Media Journalists are Conservative Journalists and Andrew Scheer should be ashamed of his Conduct towards the Rebel. I guess that Andrew Scheer does NOT believe in Free Speech!