WATCH: Scheer Encourages Trudeau To Seek Vacancy For Ontario Liberal Leadership

Rips his obsession on provincial politics.

During one of his best moments of the debate, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer slammed Justin Trudeau for his obsession with provincial politics, telling him to seek the vacant position of Ontario Liberal party leader.

You can watch the moment below:

“CPC @AndrewScheer goes after @JustinTrudeau for concentrating on provincial Conservative premiers.

“There is a vacancy for the Ontario Liberal leadership, and if you’re so focused on provincial politics, go and run for the leadership of that party.” #cdnpoli #CanadaDebates2019″

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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That was a good one. I loved when Scheer called Trudeau a fraud and unfit to lead our nation to his face. Anyone who had a drink any time Trudeau mentioned Harper or Ford would be passed out by now. Not to mention every time an unhinged May said “climate emergency “.
The debate was mostly garbage, climate change invoked nearly all the time except that goulish exchange with May, Singh and Trudeau once again forcefully defending abortion.

pancake rachel corrie

Dont care about these two bozos


Is it just me or am I seeing more interference with the Feds involving themselves in or taking over Provincial rights, except in Quebec of course. But I am glad Andrew Sheer did so well, he was talked over a lot, but he as usual talks with the most common sense and is polite and well spoken. I was not going to watch this debate but ended up catching the last of it out of curiosity, it was not as bad as I thought it would end up being. Andrew Scheer for PM now for sure. Go Conservatives! (although I… Read more »


I am so glad that Andrew Scheer told Trudeau that. It brings the debate back to reality rather than focusing on Trudeau’s obsessive interest in what Doug Ford is doing at the provincial level.


I wish he would just leave politics altogether.

Donald O'Kane

Nice dig Scheer unfortunately I don’t think Ontario would want him… if they have any sense anyway.

Shawn Harris

Has to be the best one liner of the entire debate. Scheer has spoken the the thoughts of many Canadians.


Trudeau has mentioned Doug Ford many times on a daily basis, but never seems to mention Kathleen Wynne, his Liberal buddy, who has pretty well destroyed Toronto. Doug Ford is now Cleaning Up the Mess and Destruction that she left in Ontario. Why doesn’t her name ever come up in all his babbling of lies to Canadians?