FORUM POLL: Liberal Support Drops Noticeably After Debate, Singh’s Numbers Rise, Trudeau Seen As Debate Loser, Scheer Viewed As Best PM

Jagmeet Singh gets the biggest boost following debate, while Andrew Scheer takes lead as preferred PM.

Following the federal leaders debate, the widespread view was that Jagmeet Singh and Andrew Scheer performed well, while Justin Trudeau had a rough night.

Now, a new Forum Research poll taken after the debate backs up that view.

According to the survey, the Conservatives are up 4 points to 35%, while the Liberals are down 6 points to 28%. The NDP is up 1 point to 13%, while the Greens, Bloc, and PPC are at 12%, 7%, and 3% respectively.

Notably, on the question of preferred PM, Justin Trudeau has fallen 6 points from 31% to 25%, while Jagmeet Singh is up 6 points, from 13% to 19%.

Scheer remained steady at 29%, putting him in the lead on that question.

When it comes to who won and lost the debate, 23% picked Scheer as the winner, while 21% picked Singh.

15% thought Trudeau won, while 6% picked Bloc leader Blanchet.

5% thought Elizabeth May won, while 2% picked Maxime Bernier.

Trudeau the big loser

Trudeau was seen as the big loser of the debate, with 29% saying he lost.

21% said Scheer lost, while 15% said Bernier lost.

Notably, only Trudeau and Bernier had more people viewing them as debate losers, while all the other party leaders had more people seeing them as winners.

While the NDP numbers haven’t moved much, a change in opinion towards a party leader often leads to better numbers for their party. So, Jagmeet Singh could soon see his NDP party gaining voters, especially if the Liberal post-debate drop is sustained.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube