Unhinged: Trudeau Tweet Calls Brexit “Alt-Right,” “American-Style Politics”

Wasn’t aware the US and Britain were the same place. So much for that whole revolution thing.

The Liberals are growing increasingly unhinged in their attacks on Andrew Scheer, and a new Tweet goes even further than before.

Posted by Justin Trudeau’s Twitter account, the Liberals accuse Scheer of “bringing far-right, American’style politics north.”

Strangely, among the things they include as “far-right” “American-style” politics is Brexit.

Yup, the UK deciding to leave the EU is apparently “American-style.”

You can view the Tweet below:

“Andrew Scheer is bringing far-right, American-style politics north this election season, and he must be stopped.”

It’s a desperate move by the Liberals.

However, it’s more than that. It once again shows the Liberals are willing to demonize our close allies, while never being as tough on Communist China:

“Once again we see the Liberals willing to demonize our close Civilizational allies in the US and the UK, yet never say anything even close to as harsh about Communist China. Which side are they on?”


This is a disgraceful move by the Liberals, and their fear-mongering is putting our relationships with our close allies at even more risk.

These are dangerous and disturbing times in Canada.

Spencer Fernando