Unhinged: Trudeau Tweet Calls Brexit “Alt-Right,” “American-Style Politics”

Wasn’t aware the US and Britain were the same place. So much for that whole revolution thing.

The Liberals are growing increasingly unhinged in their attacks on Andrew Scheer, and a new Tweet goes even further than before.

Posted by Justin Trudeau’s Twitter account, the Liberals accuse Scheer of “bringing far-right, American’style politics north.”

Strangely, among the things they include as “far-right” “American-style” politics is Brexit.

Yup, the UK deciding to leave the EU is apparently “American-style.”

You can view the Tweet below:

“Andrew Scheer is bringing far-right, American-style politics north this election season, and he must be stopped.”

It’s a desperate move by the Liberals.

However, it’s more than that. It once again shows the Liberals are willing to demonize our close allies, while never being as tough on Communist China:

“Once again we see the Liberals willing to demonize our close Civilizational allies in the US and the UK, yet never say anything even close to as harsh about Communist China. Which side are they on?”


This is a disgraceful move by the Liberals, and their fear-mongering is putting our relationships with our close allies at even more risk.

These are dangerous and disturbing times in Canada.

Spencer Fernando

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Tick tock

pancake rachel corrie

Alt-Banker style politics




The fraudulent lieberals would not criticize any corrupted socialist communist country as they are the same party, China, Russia, Iran, Saudi, now Turkey and surprisingly the Catholic church and the like, all run what was the UN and are happy about Venezuela joining in and others are coming along, like Canada will be if any of these leftys and their radical UN climate emergency crisis, eradication end of world protests with our children etc. Andrew Scheer is a centrist but for Canada’s sovereignty, and democracy, unity, getting us free from debt and back to prosperity, and getting tough on crime… Read more »


What is being brought north is the political divisions and toxic hate from the left. I blame Trudeau for that.


We see how close our current politicians are to the UK parliament in ignoring the wants of the people for the political needs. All parties except the PPC are united.
If your expecting any government course change this election, you will be mistaken.

Shawn Harris

According Trudeau socialist/communist thinking, it is perfectly fine for China to hold our citizens unlawfully, arbitrarily deny access to our farmers and their legal products from entering China or being sold there, yet something such as Brexit is just another undemocratic alt right American style political threat to Canada and Canadians. Trudeau long ago lost the hinge pin that held his delusional , twisted and feeble mind together. Rather than stand up like a man,defend his failed record of these last four years in office, the manchild he presents himself to be. He defaults to his childlike defense of blaming… Read more »

D Met

Prime minister Dufus says, “Andrew Scheer is bringing far-right, American-style politics north this election season, and he must be stopped”. I think Trudeau has brought banana-republic corruption to Canada and it is HE that must be stopped. #trudeaumustgo

Don Taylor

the only ones that should be removed is the arrogant dimwit Turdeau and his liberal goons


Apparently Trudeau does not believe in soverginty or another countries UN right to

Clearly, his restricting some media personalities is a fascist communist style of behaviour. Perhaps those communistic fascist countries contributed large sums of money to his foundation in order to propelly their political ideology.

Makes sense with how he deals with First Nation peoples in Canada.

Big Priest'

God Bless The Republic, There’s No Better Place To Be

William Jones

“Which side are they on?” Now that question is simply not needed since we already know and it has been clearly demonstrated time and again, they are on the ‘socialist’ side — wherever that may be.

alan skelhorne

I cannot wait for the day, that the united states of America, and uk, and austrailia, tell Canada , your on your own. maybe that will be a wake up call to Canadians far n wide, let the revolution begin.

Christopher Kastner

Yeah, you can and you should rue the day and realize that, if it occurs, there was a huge information delivery failure.

Big Priest'


The homeland will close it’s doors on Canada from the outside

Christopher Kastner

These juvenile delinquents can call it by any moniker they choose, they are still spoiled abusers of privilege, need to go to a room, separated from the adults.
Where does the standard of acceptable, personal interaction among peoples result in an ability of emotionally insecure persons to legislate law. LAW! Opinions that are intended to guide persons toward a fair and unequivocal compromise that essentially has persons living by self resource. It’s all good until you put in place an unelected sub-administration. “We don’t need no stinkin’ badges”…