Conservatives Pledge To Close Loophole In Safe Third Country Agreement, End Illegal Border Crossings

“Scheer to restore order, fairness, and compassion to Canada’s immigration system,” say Conservatives.

In a press release and announcement by Andrew Scheer, the Conservatives have pledged to close the loophole in the safe third country agreement, a loophole which has been exploited by thousands of illegal border crossers, and has caused legitimate refugees to be pushed further back in line.

Here’s what they said in their release:

“A new Conservative government will restore public confidence in Canada’s immigration system by stopping the flow of illegal border crossers from the United States and prioritizing newcomers from the world’s most dangerous countries, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said.

“Canadians’ confidence in the immigration system has been rocked by Justin Trudeau’s chaos and mismanagement,” Scheer said. “When everybody follows the rules and the laws are enforced, immigration is good for the economy, good for jobs, and good for the people who have chosen to come to Canada.

As Prime Minister, I will take steps to restore confidence in the system and make sure Canada’s immigration system prioritizes those who need Canada’s help the most.”

As Prime Minister, Andrew Scheer will:

Prioritize funding to support immigration services like language training, credential recognition, as well as services specifically designed for vulnerable newcomers like women, girls, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Prioritize those who apply to come to Canada through the appropriate immigration streams, especially in the family reunification program.

Close the loophole in the Safe Third Country Agreement.

Move existing Immigration and Refugee Board judges to common illegal border crossing points, speeding up the process and therefore making it less attractive to enter Canada illegally.

Hire an additional 250 CBSA enforcement officers.

Listen carefully to provinces on immigration issues, with an aim to work closely to best accommodate their needs and priorities. A Conservative government would be ready to negotiate with the Government of Quebec to discuss the selection of those who wish to settle in Quebec. We will be open to requests to amend the Canada-Quebec Accord on Immigration.

“These measures will restore fairness and compassion to our immigration system while providing stronger enforcement of the law at the border,” said Scheer. “If these measures aren’t taken, confidence in immigration will continue to slide and legitimate refugees will wait longer and longer for Canada’s help.”


In 2017, Justin Trudeau created an illegal border crossing crisis in Canada with his #WelcomeToCanada tweet, resulting in more than 50,000 illegal border crossers entering Canada and costing taxpayers $1.6 billion.

A poll in August 2018 found that 65% of Canadians believed the massive influx of illegal border crossers was a “crisis.”

Justin Trudeau has compensated Roxham Road residents $400,000 of taxpayer money for “disruptions” from those crossing the border illegally.

Canada is built on a rock-solid foundation of enduring values, democratic institutions, the rule of law, and fundamental and universal human rights, and these values must be reflected in our immigration system.

Only a Conservative government will restore compassion and fairness to Canada’s immigration system while protecting and securing our borders.”

You can watch a video of Scheer’s announcement below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I still believe that the numbers immigrating to Canada must be lowered substantially until the overload of migrants is cleaned up and the criminals and gangs that have arrived here must be removed from Canada, and we get our huge growing debt – going down we do not need more people coming in with so many people here out of work and would love the chance to be trained to work here at home in Canada and have jobs available for them, and this excuse of our aging population, that I have heard since I was young is false as… Read more »


Nancy, I agree with everything that you have stated. I feel exactly the same. I have e-mailed the Conservative Party a number of times with these same ideas, but only received an e-mail confirming that my e-mail was received by them. Polls keep saying that Immigration is NOT a Priority for Canadians, but I do NOT believe what Pollsters are saying. Immigration, and Illegal Migrants under Trudeau and the Liberals have been a Disaster and have Devastated this Country. It is Most Definitely a Priority for Canadians! Yes, let’s take care of our OWN First! We have to STOP all… Read more »


This is the so called 3rd rail of Liberal politics in Canada which means that it is the kiss of death if you dare to challenge them. Bernier is learning that as May, Singh and the fellow who pretends to be PM call him a racist for daring to do so. It can be stated with absolute certainty that the current cabal of corrupt lawmakers has effectively destroyed a functioning though imperfect immigration and refugee system that was created ironically by responsible adult and responsible centrist Liberals! Scheer has to become bullet proof on this issue if he wants to… Read more »


Yes, bring back some sanity to the country.
Andrew Scheer has a nice ring to it!

David Henley

Nice if you can believe what he is saying. The blue print of the conservative party is almost the same as Trudeau’s plan. Making promises that are not inline with his party (centralist) agenda. making promises are just that. He changes his mind every week. What he says can no longer be trusted ashe may change his mind next week.

Elizabeth Thorne

Max Bernier has said he would stop the flow of illegals. Nobody seems to talk about what Max is saying in this Democratic country of ours. CBC and CTV report on Trudeau, Sheer, Singh and May. THERE IS ANOTHER PARTY RUNNING IN THIS ELECTION It is called the PPC Party. what a disgrace the media is.


Finally, common sense from a politician. It doesn’t have to be complicated and just needs a good bit of organization. I suggest a “no man’s land” around every illegal entry point. Declared it neutral territory, not Canadian, not American. Should an illegal not meet all requirements, they can then be simply escorted out of the area back to the place they crossed and go back to the States. No deportation hearings needed. This would resemble that “neutral” zone at legal border entry points where someone can simply be denied entry and turned around.

David Henley

Sounds like another PPC has hit the ground running.

Nolan Diamond

It’s time to build a wall to keep illegal border crossers, out of Canada. If no wall, then increase border security & stop accepting illegals. Trudeau is after Liberal voter harvesting, plain to see. Only economic immigrants are needed, not those who will never assimilate to Canada’s western culture/values.


Immigration is good for whom? Oh, “the people that choose to come to Canada” And, what about the people that are already citizens of the country? Is it good for them? No, no it isn’t! Good for jobs? Then why is it that many of our University students can’t find employment? And, what about the fact that mass immigration drives down wages and drives up housing prices? And, who is it that Andrew’s type of immigration hurts? It’s the poor! Scheer makes me sick! He’s a UN pandering liar! Put Canada and Canadians first by voting for the PPC and… Read more »


If Liberals cared about Canadians and Canada this problem would have already been dealt with, but Justin Cool Socks does not care for Canada.

David Henley

he still on board with the UN agenda. Still on board with the Paris accord (proven to be a fraud on the people.) The promises he is making now seem a little different than the blue print of the conservative party.He changes at will. Can’t believe what he is saying. Just as bad as Trudeau.His plan is so close to the liberal plan but now he is making promises that he will not keep. Has he changed the conservative policies or is he just making promises to get elected.