VIDEO: Liberal MP Judy Sgro Says Black Canadians “Love” Trudeau For Wanting “To Have A Black Face”

Cognitive Dissonance at its finest.

If there wasn’t a video, we wouldn’t be believe it.

But there is a video.

And it shows Liberal MP Judy Sgro claiming that Black Canadians “love” Justin Trudeau for wearing blackface.

“lmao Judy Sgro (L – Humber River-Black Creek) says her Black constituents love Justin Trudeau even more because he took pride in the effort to have a black face I am finishedddddd”

Sgro said “Those in the black community have told me how much more love they have for the prime minister, that he wanted to have a black face, that he took great pride in that, too …”

It’s stunning how desperate the Liberals are to justify Trudeau’s wearing of blackface.

Even more amazingly, Liberals are saying Trudeau did nothing wrong, even as Trudeau repeatedly says it was wrong.

That’s cognitive dissonance at it’s finest…

Of course, Sgro’s incredibly stupid comments sparked a backlash, and she was forced to apologize:

“Liberal Candidate Judy Sgro apologizes for saying the black community has “more love” for Justin Trudeau because he “wanted to have a blackface” and “took great pride in that.” She now says that was “insensitive.” Full statement”

As I said on Twitter, I once thought that even the Liberals would never go this far in their attempt to justify Trudeau’s blackface debacle. Yet, here we are:

“At one point, I considered tweeting that the Liberals would try claiming Trudeau’s blackface was meant to be an act of ‘support’ and ‘respectful imitation’ of black Canadians.

Then I thought, “no way, they’ll never go that far.”

Yet, here we are.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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The depraved and damaged lib mind is getting worse.


Well two of my neighbors, who are black, don’t like him for it at all, but then the one lady, a mother of two young boys said ” his blackface I could maybe forgive, but the gender confusion my boys are being taught, I cannot forgive” “what do you say when my boys keep asking me, what gender am I?” I listened for half an hour, this is also using our children, how sad, never mind the putting children in end of world climate protests.

R Welgush

That is why the liberals are dangerous to canada and if you dont see it you are blind


Another Liberal Idiot who actually believes that her leader is a Good Role Model and Everyone Loves His Disgusting Conduct! I Hope that Canadians Wise Up to Every Liberal MP and Trudeau, and Realize that this Swamp has to be Drained on October 21st! Let’s Achieve a “Liberal Party Decimation” or at the very least a “Federal Liberal Non Party Status” like the Wynne Government! We have to Save this Once Great Much Loved Country!


When the Liberals get caught they re spin and give it their all to make the Evils as O wasn’t that nice I Want to be like you many may believe it but most do not. History does not lie.


Only a a Liberal could take a horrendous insult to coloured people and turn it into a beautiful compliment. I have never seen or heard anything so bizarre in my 70 years as a Canadian. In the Liberal world of narcissistic, ego driven stupidity the Liberals never fail to disappoint. Well done Judy Sgro.


The Liberals and their “important conversations”. When Trudeau does something wrong, he doesn’t have to resign like anyone else would. It’s just time for another “important conversation in our country”.


How can the conservatives possibly be losing to these morons?

Big Priest'

Why am I not at all surprised by this bafoonish statement, same ole canada


I keep asking myself, who would want to associate themselves with this group of people they call liberals?

William Jones

On a daily and almost hourly attempt to convince Canadians that Trudeau is more than he truly is, the Liberals singularly or in concert, attempt to paint their leader as a ‘man of the hour.’ However, the reason they continue to do so is that Canadians have seen the truth and the truth contradicts their efforts.


So, the Minstrel shows were never racist, but just some white folks showing their adoration for the black culture and really just wanting to fit in with them. Amazes me how the left are so good at changing history etc around when it suits either their golden boy or their sad political agenda.