WATCH: In Sad & Awkward Moment, Children Ask Trudeau Why He Wore Blackface

“But did you paint your nose and your hands brown” asks one of the children.

In a video that is both sad and awkward, two young girls asked Justin Trudeau why he painted his face brown.

The video can be watched below:

“Heartbreaking to hear these kids ask this.”

The video is quite sad to watch, because these children shouldn’t ever be in the position of having to ask a PM why he decided to wear blackface.

Unfortunately, because of Justin Trudeau’s actions, this is now the place we are in as a country: The Liberals are defending someone who repeatedly wore blackface, and our country’s children are forced to reckon with this.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Hahahahaha! libs are so desperate they will use children as props. Kind of sick really. But then again only the damaged lib mind would come up with this scenario.


Why anyone would put children in this position? Having Justin make excuses to these girls shows me how absolutely pathetic the liberals are.
I find it hard to understand why anyone with a a brain let a lone having a different skin colour would ever consider voting for him. He is truly a sad excuse for a human being, let a lone the PM of a country.


Sad affecting children, lieberals use them all to support their lefty causes, that will affect their young lives even more as they grow older, sadder still.
How did the hypocrite PM answer? Could he honestly answer?
Would he also explain how else the socialist/communist left will not be giving them everything or anything at all, once their country collapses with this kind of fake leadership, once there is no one else’s money to use to support them and we are all poor and the countries debt has bankrupted them? Wow how would he really explain how fake he is?

Diane DiFlorio

The children asked if it was “brown” face — also, I believe this was a “staged” Q & A and practised many times before the camera rolled.

Andrew C

wow, for the first time he actually answered the question and didnt go off about the climate change, Harper, etc

Disgusted oilman

The latest part is that our children are being used as political pawns. In a world hard enough to be a kid in they are subjected to false, misleading and frightening information that they are not mature enough to process or understand.


Kids know when they are being laughed at or being made fun of. What they do see is Trudeau breaking the rules or making fun of people and then not getting punished just because he said he was sorry. They learn that there are few consequences and later in life will expect to get away with bad stuff if you just say you are sorry.

Disgusted oilman

That should say “The sad part”

Shawn Harris

Such a pathetic and desperate PM , Trudeau is now reduced to scrounging for votes by appealing to children to to get their parents to give him one more chance as PM. Worse yet, Trudeau actually thinks that these immature and uninformed children would be able to grasp fully what he has done. No one, especially children should have to face racism or a racist PM trying to avoid real responsibility and having to face the real consequences for his actions. Trudeau, by his actions and words has lowered the confidence and has broken the trust that citizens have in… Read more »