REPORT: Conservatives Say Candidate Will Make Announcement About “Justin Trudeau’s Past Behaviour”

Announcement will take place before the French language leaders debate.

In a somewhat cryptic press release, the Conservative Party of Canada says one of their candidates will make an announcement about “Justin Trudeau’s past behaviour.”

Here’s what they said:

“Ahead of tonight’s debate, a Conservative Party of Canada candidate will make an important statement about Justin Trudeau’s past behaviour.”

The announcement will be streamed on the Conservative Party facebook page at 3:30 eastern time:

It will be interesting to see if the announcement is anything substantial, or whether it’s a nothingburger.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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For ALL Canadians it would be such a welcome change, for the 1st time in Canadian Political History, to have someone tell it exactly like it is. To be a straight shooter and speak plain ordinary English without reams of hyperbole and BS. We need someone who is maybe not as bombastic as Mr. Trump, but certainly someone as outspoken about their true feelings that will call out Trudeau for what he is. We are all so sick and tired of “Politically Correct Speak”. That is the main reason Mr. Trump won, because he talked with and to the common… Read more »

Don Piche

Funny you say that – Andrew Scheer penalised & disenfranchised both Max Bernier and Michael Cooper for doing that exact same thing you speak of; all while showing a proclivity for removing access for reporters who ask questions in the same vein. No, Andrew Scheer is not someone who champions Free Speech and likes to “tell it like it is”… Mr. Scheer only appears to act like he does during this election campaign. He prefers instead to practice the politically-correct speech you speak of while demonstrating a penchant to discourage the former – or haven’t you been paying attention these… Read more »


WTH are you ragging on me for? I never mentioned Mr. Scheer in my comment, not even remotely or obliquely. So back off ok? I shall clarify for you: Regardless of whom is going up against this fascist regime, they need to “talk the talk” and be more outspoken as Mr. Trump is. People are sick and tired and fed up with politicians couching ALL that they say in “warm and fuzzy” doublespeak. There are no rainbows spewing out skittles and candy canes, and there is no Santa. Mr. Scheer would win in a landslide if he spoke more like… Read more »

alan skelhorne

well he started the other night. when he told Trudeau to his face on national tv. mr. Trudeau you are a complete fraud/.


What do you think- another sexual assault?


There has been such a long line of disasters, it was hard to know which one would be touched upon.

Ray Decorby

Here’s hoping the anouncement has the number seventeen in it…


The number is closer to 2.5 Million. That buys a lot of silence, and a coverup of more past immoral behaviour by PM Dressup