Andrew Scheer Condemns Uganda’s Horrific Anti-LGBT Law

“I condemn this egregious assault on human rights in Uganda,” says Scheer after Uganda reintroduces law that imposes the death penalty on LGBT people.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has issued a statement condemning Uganda’s plan to reintroduce legislation that would impose the death penalty on LGBT people.

The country had previously pushed the legislation, before backing down amid a massive international backlash.

However, they are now planning to reintroduce the horrific legislation.

On Twitter, Scheer made clear that he condemns the horrendous law, and would confront Uganda on it if he becomes Prime Minister:

“I condemn this egregious assault on human rights in Uganda. Conservatives deplore injustice toward the LGBTQ community, and when I become Prime Minister, I will raise Canada’s concerns with the Ugandan government.”

It’s important to note that while the Liberals do a ton of virtue-signalling and photo-ops to show their ‘support’ for LGBT Canadians, the Conservatives actually achieved tangible results saving the lives of LGBT people around the world, by prioritizing persecuted LGBT people in Canada’s refugee system and giving them the chance to come to Canada and be safe.

Additionally, it needs to be pointed out that the Trudeau Liberals gave Uganda $52 million in foreign aid in 2018, which is a disgrace considering the horrific human rights record of the Ugandan government.

“In 2018, the Trudeau government gave $52 million of your taxpayer dollars to Uganda, a country that is introducing a horrific law that imposes the death penalty on LGBT people. Yet another reason foreign aid must be slashed and ultimately eliminated.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Well then I guess Canada can save 52 million dollars if Scheer gets in? Point blank we are not the UN or a big world controller, and Canada is on the brink of separation (like last time a Trudeau was in power) we have too many Canadian problems. We need to focus on getting our own country back on track, other countries need to focus on their own problems and not at Canada’s expense.


I hate politicians shoving it in my face and the media doing a circus of coverage to encourage our younger generation to become gay.
It is totally destroying the family dynamics…it also gives the excuse to bring in more immigrants to fill the missing children that is now too expensive to have.

Christopher James



Being gay does not effect family dynamics.Probably every family has a gay in the family in the past or now.These are our children they are sons and daughters of our mothers and fathers, our love for them should be unconditional.I like what Scheer said.I will respect the law that is place now and I will NOT interfere with it.He knows very well that we must respect our family members for what they are,and not what we want them to be.


One thing that stands out to me, can anyone justify to me why we are giving 52 million dollars of the money that we went to work for, to Uganda? I thought we paid taxes to give our brothers and sister down on their luck a hand up. Not the world that is sucking us dry. The government won’t even protect our military members.
The system is so broken. People need to open their eyes.
Thanks again for the updates Spencer. You make my day by informing me, but it depletes me at the same time.

Ruth Bard

Govts need to get out of the foreign aid business altogether. Most of it disappears into the pockets of corrupt govt officials anyway. How about cutting taxes and encouraging personal charity? There are plenty of NGOs with boots on the ground around the world that have an excellent record of getting help to the ppl who need it.