Angus Reid Poll: Conservatives Hold Small Lead Over Liberals As Main Parties Weaken, NDP Rises

Uncertainty continues to grow as Election Day nears.

A new Angus Reid poll conducted following the English language leaders debate shows the Conservative with a narrow lead over the Liberals, with uncertainty growing as Election Day draws closer and closer.

The Conservatives have 34% nationwide, compared to the Liberals at 29%. The Conservatives are down 3% since the last Angus Reid poll, while the Liberals are down 1%.

The NDP is up 3% to 17%, while the Greens are at 7%.

The Bloc is at 7%, while the PPC is at 3%.

Here are the regional breakdowns:

BC – Conservatives 36%, Liberals 23%, NDP 22%, Greens 15%, PPC 3%

Alberta – Conservatives 59%, Liberals 16%, NDP 15%, Greens 5%, PPC 5%

Saskatchewan/Manitoba – Conservatives 49%, Liberals 23%, NDP 21%, Greens 4%, PPC 2%

Ontario – Conservatives 36%, Liberals 33%, NDP 19%, Greens 8%, PPC 3%

Quebec – Bloc 31%, Liberals 30%, Conservatives 15%, NDP 12%, Greens 8%, PPC 4%

Atlantic – Liberals 35%, Conservatives 32%, NDP 16%, Greens 15%, PPC 2%

Since the debate, Jagmeet Singh’s favourability numbers have surged, while Scheer and Trudeau remain unpopular.

59% have a favourable view of Singh, compared to 35% who have an unfavourable view. Meanwhile, 38% have a favourable view of Scheer, compared to 58% who view him unfavourably. Trudeau’s numbers are worse, with 35% viewing him favourably and 63% viewing him unfavourably.

In Quebec, 52% have a favourable view of Bloc Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet.

Elizabeth May’s favourable numbers have weakened since the start of the campaign, with 44% viewing her favourably, while 48% view her unfavourably.

Maxime Bernier has the worst numbers, with 15% viewing him favourably, compared to 74% who view him unfavourably.

The survey shows that the Liberal attacks on Scheer have worked, with Scheer’s favourably rating down 6 points from when the campaign began.

Trudeau’s ratings have fallen by 1 point.

Singh’s ratings are up by 20 points.

It seems that the Conservatives and Liberals have been successful in making eachother deeply unpopular, but the benefit is now going to the NDP and Bloc.

Overall, uncertainty is the growing reality in this election. The possibility for post-election chaos and national division is being sown as no party appears on track for a majority government.

Will things change in the next week and a half?

Stay tuned…

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Can we afford to go from bad to worse?


I have read 3 article in the lieberal media that say the Conservative party is looking for a new leader? how demonizing can it get? never mind the other lies. I wonder when the Conservative platform comes out today if it will even be truthfully in the lie-beral media.


Remember that a portion of the NDP “revenue stream” is to tax you 75% of the profit you make on your house sale or the interest you get on your savings account or when you sell shares in a Canadian company. It seems like he doesn’t want Canadians to invest. This is similar to Trudeau’s belief that our money really isn’t ours, it is his to give away.


Fake POLLS!!! PPC is way ahead!!!


I like Singh on a personal level for sure. Hes a class act on the campaign trail, especially in contrast to the PM. But his policies are radical left, along with Elizabeth May’s. Our economy will crash if the libs get in again, and if we have a lib/NDP/Green/Bloc coalition of some kind. Elizabeth May promises to do everything she can to stop the pipelines. Singh says Quebec would get to veto it. They would rather import it from Saudi Arabia than get it from Alberta. That’s being disloyal to their own country. Any Albertan who votes for any party… Read more »

Shawn Harris

The choice to be made between now and election day is, do you want another four years of devastating rule under Trudeau or do you want to gain back some of what has been lost since Harper was PM? If you want to get ahead and have a chance at being safe secure and prosperous, then you have to vote for PCs, anything else is just throwing yourself and your life over a cliff. So we all need to vote for Scheer and the Conservatives. We need to vote early and help get the vote out on election day. Anything… Read more »


You mean the Conservative Party, there is no federal P.C party anymore, hasn’t been in over a decade and a half.


I question those unfavorabilty ratings, how can Mr. Bernier have a 75% unfavorable rating? What misbehavior did he do to warrant that? The same goes with Andrew Scheer, after the English debate on Monday his rating went up in a Forum Research poll, as did his party. Personally I think we are seeing a repeat of the polling in the Ontario election, they were underrating support for Doug Ford and the Ontario P.Cs, and overating support for the Ontario NDP, one poll a week out from election day that even claimed that the NDP would get a majority. Last Federal… Read more »