Canada Loses 21,000 Private Sector Jobs, Number Of Employed Canadians Drops By 46,900

Yet the Trudeau government will still try to spin this as ‘good.’

The final employment numbers ahead of the election have been released, and many Canadians will be wondering about what kind of spin the government may be putting on things.

The headline number appears ‘good’ at first glance, with the economy reportedly adding 53,700 jobs in September, according to Stats Canada.

However, all of those jobs were government jobs and self-employment jobs, something the government is able to influence and manipulate directly. And note that the ‘self-employment’ jobs are often people who have lost a good private sector job, and take a job with far less security at lower pay.

In the private sector, the picture was far worse.

21,000 private sector jobs were lost in September. Additionally, the number of Canadians employed actually fell by 46,900.

So, the big numbers from this jobs report are the loss of 21,000 private sector jobs, and a drop in the labour force of 46,900. 

Anything else is basically desperate government spin.

Spencer Fernando