Hypocrisy: Gerald Butts Attacks Conservatives Over Photo Of Scheer Shaking Hands With Canadian Wearing Yellow Vest, Despite Numerous Photos Of Trudeau Doing The Exact Same Thing

How desperate are the Liberals?

Trudeau’s brain Gerald Butts is really upset over this photo, which shows Andrew Scheer shaking hands with a Canadian who is wearing a yellow vest:

“Well, this is subtle. Sometimes a yellow vest is just a yellow vest?”


First of all, many hardworking Canadians wear yellow vests as part of their job, so it’s totally elitist and condescending for Butts to use that as a line of attack.

Second, it turns out that there are many photos of Justin Trudeau shaking hands with people wearing yellow vests:

Weird. So it’s okay for Trudeau to meet with people wearing yellow vests but not okay for Scheer to do the same?

It’s the same Liberal arrogance, dishonesty, and hypocrisy that has put them at risk of losing the election, and it just shows how desperate they are.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Seven days to go. I have voted, I hope you have as well. Please don’t allow this to continue.


I heard Scheers press conference from Winnipeg. He promised to take action immediately on his fiscal plans, including tax relief for hard working Canadians, and it would be implemented by January 2020. Then he took questions from reporters who demanded over and over for Scheer to explain why he was in Winnipeg while some areas of the province remain in a state of emergency. Nothing but hostile questions from left wing media. Its amazing a conservative can win anywhere.


The Liberals smeared, insulted and offended every single Canadian who uses and wears safety clothing and Personal Protective Equipment. Every single one of us. Clearly Butts the arrogant elitist has no idea what workwear is. Remember this, all you Yellow Vest Canadians and those trying hard to join the working class, no matter if you wear a Yellow Vest or a suit & tie. Liberals sneer and look down on people who work.

alan skelhorne

when Trudeau done it, wasn,t this the place where they had o pay the people to go into the pic with the biggest liar ever in politics in Canada/.


I hope the Conservatives win so we can have adults running the country again instead of these frat boys. Trudeau and Butts and their gang are like a bad joke.

Donald O'Kane

Butts is a butt head!

William Jones

Quite frankly, anything Butts says can be ignored — on any subject, at any time. His only goal in life is to ensure he is always paid and is always recognized. As for what he comments, what would one expect? He is a Liberal to the core so whatever comes out of his mouth is dictated by Liberal beliefs — or arrogance and stupidity– besides, who really gives a damn what he says?