Angus Reid Poll: Singh Surge Confirmed, Conservatives Lead, Liberals Stuck Far Below 2015 Support Levels

The odds of a minority government continue to rise.

The latest Angus Reid poll has confirmed many of the trends being seen in other polls:

Jagmeet Singh’s NDP is gaining support, and is now up to 19%. Five days ago he was at 17%, and 14 days ago he was at 14% in the Angus Reid poll.

Singh’s personal favourability ratings have surged dramatically, with 64% of Canadian having a favourable view of him. That’s up 5 points in the last five days, and is a whopping 18 points up from the start of October.

The Liberals are mired at weak levels of support, especially when compared to their 39.6% result in 2015. The Angus Reid poll puts the Liberals at 29%, steady in the last five days, and down 1 point from the start of the month.

However, while the Liberals are struggling, the Conservatives are also struggling to take advantage. The Conservatives are down to 33%, a drop of 1 point in the past five days, and down a full 4 points from the beginning of October.

The Greens are at 8%, the Bloc is also at 8%, and the PPC is at 3%

Here are the regional breakdowns:

BC – Conservatives 32%, NDP 26%, Liberals 26%, Greens 9%, PPC 4%

Alberta – Conservatives 50%, NDP 23%, Liberals 17%, Greens 9%, PPC 5%

Saskatchewan/Manitoba – Conservatives 50%, NDP 23%, Liberals 18%, Greens 5%, PPC 4%

Ontario – Conservatives 34%, Liberals 34%, NDP 20%, Greens 9%, PPC 2%

Quebec – Bloc 32%, Liberals 29%, Conservatives 17%, NDP 12%, Greens 6%, PPC 3%

Atlantic – Conservatives 37%, Liberals 29%, NDP 17%, Greens 15%, PPC 3%

When it comes to party leader favourability ratings, Jagmeet Singh has a clear advantage:

Singh – 64% favourable

Yves-Francous Blanchet (Quebec only) – 56% favourable

Elizabeth May – 47% favourable

Andrew Scheer 37% favourable

Justin Trudeau 36% favourable

Maxime Bernier – 17% favourable

The Conservatives may have a turnout advantage, with 75% of prospective Conservative voters saying they are “absolutely certain” of who they will vote for. Meanwhile, just 45% of prospective Liberals say the same. 51% of NDP voters are certain.

In a troubling sign for the Liberals – who are desperate to reverse the Bloc surge in Quebec – 72% of prospective Bloc voters say they are “absolutely certain” of their vote. For the Greens, just 29% are certain.

These numbers are pretty much in line with what we are seeing in other polls: The Liberals are way down from 2015, the Conservatives are struggling to take advantage, NDP support is up, the Bloc is strong in Quebec, and a chaotic minority government – with potentially catastrophic results for Canada’s national unity – lies ahead of us.

Of course, there are still five days left, and anything can happen.

You can read the full Angus Reid poll here.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter

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Singh hates Conservatives.

pancake rachel corrie

More fake polls


UNIFOR is doing a great job of demonizing the Conservatives in he media for the LIEberals, our un-democratic use of our tax dollars, but it backfired on them, as they deserved. Angus Reid is very left slanted though so the Conservatives may still win a majority, I really hope so for our countries sake.
Go Conservatives, win win win!


Please, God, no more actors in Canadian politics…and no more Trudeaus. As much as I don’t like Singh’s politics, at least he acts like an adult and a real person.


Almost as many Albertans support the three left wing parties as the Cons and PPC? And as many people view Trudeau as favorably as Scheer? How is this even possible?

Major Tom

Costa Rica is looking better every day…….

Ruth Bard

Polls, schmolls. I know it’s trite, but there’s only one that counts, and that’s next Monday. Can’t come soon enough!

William Jones

Do I detect a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’? That would call for a celebration. However, at my age, rushing the celebration can turn into heartbreak. Although I sense a trend, I would not put money on the outcome just yet. On the other hand ‘hope’ is what keeps the world turning in the correct manner.


I want to vote PPC, but am waffling between PPC and the Conservatives. What a conundrum. I know the PPC won’t win and the Conservatives are neck and neck with the Liberals. I want Trudeau gone, so I suppose I should vote Conservative, but there’s not much difference between them except for a few point.
Good grief. I guess I’ll decide when I go to vote.


How do you know PPC won’t win? Do you actually believe the polls? The pollsters are the enemy of the people. Their methodologies are flawed. I hope everyone who believes the polls and doesn’t vote PPC will learn a valuable lesson after this election when the results are not what they are telling us. Remember, they had Trump at 2% probability of winning over Hillary.