Blacklock’s: Liberals Held Election Fundraiser In New York City

And they’re refusing to answer questions about it.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, the Liberals held a campaign fundraiser in New York City, mid-way through the current election campaign.

“Libs held private Oct. 10 #elxn43 fundraiser in NY City; won’t disclose where, who attended or how much $$$ was paid.”

According to Blacklock’s, the Liberals are refusing to share details about the fundraiser in a foreign country:

“The Liberal Party will not disclose details of a private mid-campaign fundraiser attended by unnamed donors in New York City. The Canadian Consul General in New York, a former Liberal contributor, did not take Blacklock’s questions: ‘It was at a Canadian citizen’s home.’”

You can read the article here. (Note, it is behind a paywall)

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube