Blacklock’s: Liberals Held Election Fundraiser In New York City

And they’re refusing to answer questions about it.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, the Liberals held a campaign fundraiser in New York City, mid-way through the current election campaign.

“Libs held private Oct. 10 #elxn43 fundraiser in NY City; won’t disclose where, who attended or how much $$$ was paid.”

According to Blacklock’s, the Liberals are refusing to share details about the fundraiser in a foreign country:

“The Liberal Party will not disclose details of a private mid-campaign fundraiser attended by unnamed donors in New York City. The Canadian Consul General in New York, a former Liberal contributor, did not take Blacklock’s questions: ‘It was at a Canadian citizen’s home.’”

You can read the article here. (Note, it is behind a paywall)

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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That sounds like election fraud. libs know they have lost. There is no limit to the lib corruption. More sickening by the day.


Corruption NEVER Ends with the Liberals! Where is the Transparency that Trudeau Promised in 2015, when He and his Liberal Party will NOT Disclose anything about this “Private Fundraiser” held in New York City, just eleven days before Election Day!! TRUDEAU HAS TO GO ASAP!!


If you are following how bad the Dems in the States are, and their biased media, these are the Canadian lefts LIEbera;/ndp/greens, biggest supporters. So illegally again we have election fraud and these lefty parties should be legally disqualified, so we can have a legal Canadian election.

Shawn Harris

There isn’t a single law that Trudeau wouldn’t break, just to get what he wants; more and continuous power. Trudeau rigged the election laws in his favour and now that he is losing he breaks another law on election campaign financing. Just send Trudeau to jail now.