POLL: Singh Surge Continues, Liberals Drop 5 Points

The Liberals are losing support.

A new survey by Ipsos shows Jagmeet Singh and the NDP continuing their post-debate surge, while the Liberals are Conservatives are dropping.

The NDP is up to 20% nationally, an increase of 5 points in the past week.

Meanwhile, the Liberals are down 5 points, now at 30%.

The Conservatives also dropped, but by a smaller amount. They’re down 2 points to 32%.

The Greens are at 8%, the Bloc is at 7% (30% in Quebec), and the PPC are at 2%.

In terms of regional breakdowns, the Conservatives are dominating in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. In BC, the Liberals, Conservatives, and NDP are all close.

The Liberals lead by 3 points in Ontario over the Conservatives. In Quebec, the Liberals lead the Bloc by just 2 points.

And in Atlantic Canada, the Liberals lead by a large margin.

What we are seeing is that the Liberals are falling, as the NDP rises. Interestingly, the Conservatives chances of winning the election are going up, even though Scheer is clearly struggling to resonate with Canadians.

The Conservatives appear to be stuck very close to the level of support they won in 2015, but the big change is that Justin Trudeau’s massive hypocrisy and endless betrayals has resulted in him losing tons of support when compared to 2019.

What remains to be seen is how people actually vote, and how successfully each party gets their supporters out to the polls.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter