BREAKING: Canada Subject To Election Interference As Former American President Tells Canadian Citizens Who To Vote For

Isn’t this the exact kind of election interference we are supposed to oppose?

A former US President is intervening in Canada’s election, telling Canadians who they should support.

Barack Obama made the announcement on Twitter, as he endorsed Justin Trudeau:

“I was proud to work with Justin Trudeau as President. He’s a hard-working, effective leader who takes on big issues like climate change. The world needs his progressive leadership now, and I hope our neighbors to the north support him for another term.”

This is clearly election interference and election intervention from a foreign nation.

Of course, don’t expect the establishment press or the Liberals to call it ‘election interference,’ since it benefits them and the corrupt establishment elites.

What a disgraceful and outrageous double-standard.

This isn’t about either liking or disliking Barack Obama. It’s the fact that Canadians should be deciding our elections, not anyone from a foreign country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


With media bias reaching unprecedented levels, Canada needs independent voices like Spencer Fernando now more than ever. If you want to support Spencer, you can contribute through PayPal at the link below:

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Barack Obama is probably is worse president in the history of America did zero for country and the people of the country just as the child has done in Canada


You are so right. If Obama recommends Trudy, he must be the rotten brother! Lord help us…..

Don Taylor

Because of the president nobody wanted,is interfering in our election ,that is just another why I would not vote for justin Turdeau


Justin and his cabinet is the furthest think I could imagine in the “positive category”. Obama clearly has no idea of what has happened in this country for the last 4 years. He does know better than participating in this foreign election interference.

old white guy

Obama knows that canada is what he was trying to build in the US.

R Welgush

Obama should mind his own business. Should never listen to someone from another country

Ron P

Obama should show respect to Canada’s stated desire not to have their election interfered with by foreign nationals. His actions should be politely described, by all parties and the media, as deplorable, and advice given should be “say these things before the writ is dropped, or after October 21st”.

John Prevost

If Obama has endorsed Trudeau and we all know what kind of President he was, why would Canadians vote the incompetent in for another four year term ????

Shawn Harris

What a great endorsement from a president that over promised and under delivered just like Trudeau. They deserve each other, for both are frauds and failures, that each lead their countries to financial ruin and left their nations divided. You can just hear the loud silence coming from Trudeau and his bought off media and Elections Canada,who won’t even bother to investigate this very open and blatant interference of our election. It is truly amazing that we even have an election when you consider all the pre election interference that Trudeau deliberated created; all so he could rig the election… Read more »

Moe S.

Our climate change savior Trudeau, his favorite bro Obama just bought a $14 million, 29 acre, estate on Martha’s Vineyard. Yeah, the rest of us only have 12 years left on this earth before the catastrophic climate change ends our life on earth. Hypocrite Obama, he’ll be safe in his Massachusetts Cape Cod mansion near the ocean while the rest of us, according to Trudeau and bro Obama, will perish.

Major Tom

One Communist promoting another Communist…….

Ron P

they’re progressives, not communist. They don’t need government controlling the means of production, they just need government making all the important decisions in everyone’s life, always.

William Jones

A traitor from one country supporting a traitor from another country? How could that be any surprise to anyone who has spent any amount of time watching and listening to either or both?


Former USA president has the right to express his views,but coming from him knowing how much trouble was caused by Russian and Chinese interference in US politics it bogles my mind.Ho low can he go?


This won’t be helpful for the Trudeau cabal. If the Liberal spin merchants thought this was a good idea they forgot the anti American bias of the Liberal base. They must be the same folks reading the internal national polling stats and they are not good. Add this to newly released data that Canada’s asylum backlog has reached more than 79,000 cases and rising. The uptick of those crossing irregularly into Canada from the US has added to the backlog, which is nearly 2x as big as it was in 2016. Then there is the LNG China steel scandal and… Read more »

Brian Dougan

One washed up politician supporting another has been.

old white guy

Obama was a Manchurian candidate and it will eventually be recognized. The biggest fraud ever perpetrated in America.