POLL: Canadians See Conservatives As Most Honest On Campaign Pledges

The NDP are second, and the Liberals are third.

A new survey by Ipsos for Global News reveals that Canadians trust the Conservatives most when it comes to keeping campaign promises.

28% say they trust the Conservatives most in that regard. 23% trust the NDP, while 22% trust the Liberals. 14% pick the Greens, and 6% pick the PPC.

However, the real winner of the poll is cynicism.

Overall, 78% say they think any PM will break their campaign promises.

And when asked which leader they trusted most, 30% picked “nobody.” 19% picked Scheer, 17% picked Singh, and 16% picked Trudeau.

Pick for Best PM

When asked who would be the best choice for PM, 28% picked Trudeau, while 27% picked Scheer. 23% picked Jagmeet Singh. Notably, Singh is up 9 points in the ‘preferred PM’ question, while Trudeau’s five point lead over Scheer on that question has shrunk to just 1 point, which is within the margin of error.

This paints a picture of a Canadian electorate that is angry, divided, cynical, and mistrustful of all the party leaders to a varying extent. After such a negative campaign, and with the negativity likely to continue after the election in a fractured nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube