POLL: Canadians See Conservatives As Most Honest On Campaign Pledges

The NDP are second, and the Liberals are third.

A new survey by Ipsos for Global News reveals that Canadians trust the Conservatives most when it comes to keeping campaign promises.

28% say they trust the Conservatives most in that regard. 23% trust the NDP, while 22% trust the Liberals. 14% pick the Greens, and 6% pick the PPC.

However, the real winner of the poll is cynicism.

Overall, 78% say they think any PM will break their campaign promises.

And when asked which leader they trusted most, 30% picked “nobody.” 19% picked Scheer, 17% picked Singh, and 16% picked Trudeau.

Pick for Best PM

When asked who would be the best choice for PM, 28% picked Trudeau, while 27% picked Scheer. 23% picked Jagmeet Singh. Notably, Singh is up 9 points in the ‘preferred PM’ question, while Trudeau’s five point lead over Scheer on that question has shrunk to just 1 point, which is within the margin of error.

This paints a picture of a Canadian electorate that is angry, divided, cynical, and mistrustful of all the party leaders to a varying extent. After such a negative campaign, and with the negativity likely to continue after the election in a fractured nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Major Tom

The late Republican Senator Jesse Helms once stated, “I never won a poll…….and I never lost an election!”


Singh hates Conservatives, bordering on hate speech.

Shawn Harris

Whenever a Liberal government or a Trudeau is in power, the nation becomes angry, divided and cynical. How many times does this have to happen before we learn to stop electing Liberals. Just look at the mess of 15 years of Liberal rule in Ontario did. And with Pierre Trudeau, he was hated in the extreme politically after his 16 years in office and now we have his son Justin trying to repeat what his father did, only in 4 years not 16. You can love or hate Scheer and the Conservatives, but things were definitely far better than they… Read more »

William Jones

“…..angry, divided, cynical and mistrustful.” Interesting words with meaning. Canadians are tired as well — tired of being ignored, viewed as expendable, told what they must believe — or not believe, of being literally robbed of their finances at the whim of governments who then squander that money. We hear talk of ‘populism’ around the globe and that cannot truly be a surprise in view of the above. Perhaps in history this period of political abuse will go down as one of those ‘turning points’ in the way governments abuse and ignore the populations.