PROJECTION: Justin Trudeau – Who Is Running The Most Dirty Campaign Of All Time – Tries Pinning Blame On Others

Once again, Trudeau is using the ‘accuse others of what you yourself are doing’ tactic.

Justin Trudeau loves accusing people of the exact thing he happens to be doing.

So, it’s no surprise to see him accuse the Conservatives of “running one of the dirtiest, nastiest campaigns based on disinformation that we’ve ever seen in this country.”

Here’s a full quote from a Trudeau press conference in Quebec:

“We know that the Conservative Party is running one of the dirtiest, nastiest campaigns based on disinformation that we’ve ever seen in this country. And it’s no surprise that they don’t want to share whose deep pockets are funding their attacks on Canadians, on other parties and on the most important fight of our generation, the fight against climate change.”

Of course, we know that Justin Trudeau is the one running a dirty campaign. As I recently wrote in The Post Millennial, Trudeau’s fear-based politics and demonization of his opponents is tearing the country apart.

And, it’s Trudeau who won’t share his donors with “deep pockets,” as the Liberals are refusing to share details of a fundraiser they had mid-campaign in New York City.

The reality is that Justin Trudeau has ruthlessly demonized his opponents, and is attempting to divide Canadians and tear the country apart in a desperate attempt to stay in power. His attempt to deflect from his responsibility and blame the Conservatives is a pathetic disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I have been re-watching the 2016 Trump Election win for a great laugh.
How the media’s vast manipulation failed to get Hillary elected.


Yes but they did Elect Justin Trudeau in 2015. We see the ads from Unifor about Ontario’s Premier and all the False information they are not saying of course Ontarians debt and the interest each and every day. There is lots of out of country Billions being used again for this Election it is Corruption at the highest


Can anyone tell me why he is wearing a bomber jacket, like he is a high school student?

William Jones

“….his attempt to deflect responsibility…..” This is not new, nor out of character. He is no more than a spoiled child doing precisely what spoiled children do — deflect blame. Always blame someone or something for your failures, but never, ever accept responsibility. THAT is the description of the immature mentality of our ‘leader.’


I don’t think the Liberals, especially the mouthpiece at the helm would hesitate for one minute to reveal any dirt they could find against any of their opposing parties. So far it seems they have a problem with Scheer holding dual citizenship with USA. Whoopie ding, that is not illegal or unethical by any stretch, no one cares he still is a natural born Canadian. Obviously they can’t find any dirt and am sure they have tried hard. Too bad we could not say the same for them, who are buried in tons of it, LOL

Nora Tymecki

Exactly. They scream about Andrew Scheer’s dual citizenship, thousands of Canadians hold dual citizenship. Andrew was born and raised in Canada, never lived in USA. But…no one ever screams about Elizabeth May do they. She was born in Hartford Connecticut and both parents were born in NY State…that DOES make her American.