Andrew Scheer Is Correct: Whoever Gets The Most Seats Should Form The Government

That has been the convention in nearly every election in Canada’s history.

In every Canadian Federal Election since 1925, the party with the most seats has formed government.

That means there is almost nobody alive in our country who has ever witnessed a federal government led by the losing party.

Clearly, history, tradition, and convention holds that the party that wins the most seats forms the government, whether they have a majority or not.

Additionally, the leader of a party that was in government, and then loses the election, almost always resigns. That’s what Pierre Trudeau did, that’s what Kim Campbell did, that’s what Paul Martin did, and that’s what Stephen Harper did.

So, when Andrew Scheer says that the party that wins the most seats should form the government, he is 100% correct.

Here’s what Andrew Scheer said about it:

“What I’m saying is that the party that wins the most seats should be able to form the government,” Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says in Brampton, Ont. about a possible minority government situation on Oct. 21″

Again, Scheer is right on this issue. Anyone saying otherwise, including the Liberals, the NDP, and their establishment media enablers, are simply attempting to deceive Canadians, and overturn nearly 100 years of Canadian history and convention, in an anti-democratic attempt to seize power despite having been defeated:

“Make no mistake, the Liberals are laying the groundwork for an anti-democratic seizure of power. Even if they are defeated on Election Day, they will try to remain in control of the government.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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We’re no longer a democratic country if this happens. Unbelievable!


It looks that about every party wants to continue corruption even if you lose you can form a government by forming a coalition.As Scheer said that is undemocratic and so it is, who wins majority of seats wins the government that the way it should be.Is Canada realy going to the left?Who wants to live in a communist country, I certainly don’t.If certain parties want to change the rules they are not promoting Canadian fair system that has been in place for a long time.Why is it that everybody wants to live in CanadaThat is the very reason that Canada… Read more »


We MUST get the Conservatives in with a MAJORITY. I do not believe the bought out media or these ? polls. Canada will not last through four more plus years of big tax, wasteful big spending with out of control debt, loss of jobs and worse businesses, never mind no law and order and even higher crime rates, with it’s forced migration, and ridiculous climate emergencies with the fewer taxpayers who cannot support this all. But yes I agree, whoever has the most seats, if the losers wanted to be joined they should have become one party before the election,… Read more »


Too bad we don’t have a police force that can operate outside the dear leader’s agenda.

Guy-Paul Roy

Michel on CTV says that it is not rare BUT he cannot be sure who it was that tried to form A FEDERAL Minority.BUT The Great Justine for SURE has first dibs. Seems the Century-old debacle in Manitoba carries some weight for Michel? As the Liberals went down like all the other provinces.


“We don’t respect Conservatives,” said Singh. “Just because Scheer thinks that if he gets a certain number of seats, we’re going to give up fighting against Conservatives, no. We’re going to always fight Conservatives.”

Singh hates Conservatives. Singh hates 40% of Canadians.


The media is making it sound like Scheer is suggesting something radical. They are hoping younger voters wont know any better. And of course 3 federal parties are leftist.

Robert Anes

The LAST thing Canada needs is a “government” of the LIE-berals and SOCIALISTS.

Shawn Harris

Fo Trudeau to try and steal this election by denying the Conservatives power because they have the most seats , would for a certainty be the greatest attack against and denial of democracy, Canada and Canadians have ever seen and experienced. Trudeau has been trying to steal this election since soon after he was elected in 2015, by trying to end the same electoral system that gave him power. Because he knew that he could also lose the election under that system and wanted to maintain power at all costs. So, think about how much worse we all would be,… Read more »


Venezuela and this story Spencer put up “I Survived Communism – Are You Ready For Your Turn?”
are all sounding very familiar to me.
I will be in the streets to protest if the losers of the election try to take the government.

old white guy

Much like abortion there is no law preventing a coalition. Sad but true.

Rob Bear

True about coalitions. Canada has had a number of them; they have worked with varying success.
May or may not be sad.

Rob Bear

Scheer is wrong; he should know better.
In our parliamentary system, the Prime Minister gets the first chance to form a government after an election. Even if he does not have the most votes. (Unless he declines.)