Andrew Scheer Is Correct: Whoever Gets The Most Seats Should Form The Government

That has been the convention in nearly every election in Canada’s history.

In every Canadian Federal Election since 1925, the party with the most seats has formed government.

That means there is almost nobody alive in our country who has ever witnessed a federal government led by the losing party.

Clearly, history, tradition, and convention holds that the party that wins the most seats forms the government, whether they have a majority or not.

Additionally, the leader of a party that was in government, and then loses the election, almost always resigns. That’s what Pierre Trudeau did, that’s what Kim Campbell did, that’s what Paul Martin did, and that’s what Stephen Harper did.

So, when Andrew Scheer says that the party that wins the most seats should form the government, he is 100% correct.

Here’s what Andrew Scheer said about it:

“What I’m saying is that the party that wins the most seats should be able to form the government,” Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says in Brampton, Ont. about a possible minority government situation on Oct. 21″

Again, Scheer is right on this issue. Anyone saying otherwise, including the Liberals, the NDP, and their establishment media enablers, are simply attempting to deceive Canadians, and overturn nearly 100 years of Canadian history and convention, in an anti-democratic attempt to seize power despite having been defeated:

“Make no mistake, the Liberals are laying the groundwork for an anti-democratic seizure of power. Even if they are defeated on Election Day, they will try to remain in control of the government.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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