FORUM POLL: Singh Surge Continues, Conservatives Drop, Liberals Lead

Concerning numbers for the Conservatives as they fall 5 points since the last Forum Poll.

A new Forum Research poll has reason for all the big parties to be very nervous.

Firstly, the Conservatives are down a full 6 points, having dropped from 35% to 29%.

That gives the Liberals a narrow lead, as they went from 28% to 30%.

The NDP is up to 20%, a surge of 7 points from the 13% they had last week.

The Bloc is at 7%, while the Greens have fallen from 12% to 8%, and the PPC are up 1 point from 3% to 4%.

In addition to the topline numbers, the Leader approval ratings are bad news for Scheer.

Scheers approval rating stands at 27%, while his disapproval rating is up to 57%, giving Scheer a brutal net approval rating of -30%.

Trudeau’s net approval rating is -14%, with 39% approving and 53% disapproving.

Jagmeet Singh’s net approval rating is now 52%, a surge of 17 points since the start of October. His disapproval rating is 27%, giving him a net approval of 25 points. Notably however, this poll was conducted before Jagmeet Singh said “we don’t respect Conservatives.”

According to Forum’s seat estimates, the Liberals are on track to win 133 seats, while the Conservatives are set to win 121. The NDP is at 46 seats, while the BQ is at 37 seats. The Greens are on track to win 1.

The Conservatives and Liberals will both be rightly worried about these numbers. For Scheer, his dropping approval rating and the 6 point drop in support is bad news, but it remains to be seen whether this is a poll outlier, or a trend. At this point, we need to see more polls replicating these findings before we can be sure of anything.

For the Liberals, they remain stuck far below their 2015 support levels, and with the Bloc surging in Quebec, they risk losing seats to both the Quebec separatist party and the surging NDP.

And for Singh, his popularity is up, but he is still far short of any type of outright win, and he will face more scrutiny in the next few days – in addition to the growing backlash he’s facing for his “we don’t respect Conservatives” comment.

Once again, yet another poll is showing Canada heading towards a divisive and chaotic post-election period, possibly portending a new era of instability for our nation.

Spencer Fernando

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Spencer, this is very bad news. I really wish you would comment as to the veracity of these polls. Myself and all of my friends think that they are phony pools, skewed in favor of Trudeau and his good squad. What kind of a “cross-sectional” survey are these? We all would love your take and your opinion on this topic. Remember the MSM of the US and how they had Trump maybe getting 3% of the votes?


Spencer I’m sure you remember a election not so long ago none of polls were anywhere near what the actual outcome was! I don’t think many would agree that I feel the pollsters and their staff are biased, it only human to be passionate in what you believe in when it comes to politics, and your dealing with it day in and day out! I’m sure you remember the lone MP (Independent) from Surrey BC (can’t think of his name) held the balance of power! A good man died of cancer! That my rant!


Just tonight the Toronto Sun had a poll done with the Conservatives Leading by 6 points so again nothing is trending in this election? I was feeling so happy, but now, LOL Monday will tell and I am hoping still for a Conservative majority.


Climate, climate, climate. Where the hell are the things that actually matter to this country? Food, energy, health, economy. I am getting to consider the word climate to be hate speech.

old white guy

One of the five socialist parties is surging. Does it really matter? Taxes will continue to go up, debt will continue to go up and freedom will continue to go down.