VIDEO: Jagmeet Singh Insults Millions Of Canadians, Says “We Don’t Respect Conservatives”

“Love and Courage” indeed…

Jagmeet Singh has based his campaign on the personal slogan “Love and Courage.”

But apparently, Jagmeet doesn’t extend that “love” to his fellow Canadians who happen to be Conservatives.

At a press conference, Jagmeet Singh insulted millions of Canadians, and flat-out said “We don’t respect Conservatives.”

Here’s the video:

“Good to know @theJagmeetSingh doesn’t respect conservatives. It’s why I won’t vote for him. #cdnpoli I’d want a PM to respect all Canadians.”

In case you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Jagmeet Singh’s comments are dangerous, divisive, and show he has contempt for millions of Canadians, something that should disqualify anyone seeking to lead our great nation.

And Singh’s comments have drawn a strong backlash, even from some progressives:

“I really like Jagmeet but this ain’t it.

For someone who won his leadership on “Love and Courage” this comment doesn’t bear well.

Conservatives are Canadians too.”

Clearly, in his effort to defeat Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh is becoming more and more like Trudeau: A divisive, dishonest politician who is willing to insult, denigrate, and demonize millions of Canadians in an effort to divide the country and win votes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Jagmeet Singh I thought this and now confirms your like Trudeau and Unifor you talk about all your life you have been fighting racism well these words do not correspond to your words. More lies here Vote these very despicable people as it doesn’t belong in deserves better!

Don Taylor

Any politician that would make a stupid remark like that is not smart enough to lead anybody !


Stop me if I’ve said this already. Fear the left…

Nolan Diamond

The problems in most countries, come from the left wingers, because leftism degrades most everything. Their mindset creates bad policies.


All they care about is Ontario and east. The west is also forgotten about.

R Welgush

In all my considerable years in canada I have never seen the destructiveness being caused by the liberals and ndp. They are disgusting.

Nolan Diamond

Yes, the Liberal party in the past, was more centre left, but today has gone more radical left.

Robert Abbott

True colours are shining through. His plans for our great country will continue to take us down a road to economic destruction just like Trudeau and May as well


Respect is earned. Jagmeet you lost it.

james isnor

Jagmeet’s recent poll number popularity has been mostly due to the bought and paid for Main Stream Media’s attempt to increase the chance of a propped up Liberal minority. It has nothing to do with him and his values as he just made quite clear

Nolan Diamond

Jagmeets values are the same as Trudeau’s, degrading to Canada.

Nolan Diamond

Mr. Singh is just another elite lefty, leading a 3rd rate party going nowhere, but to keep Trudeau in power in case of a minority government. This will just continue, the degrading damage to Canada, with moronic left wing policies.


It sounds like he really does not understand the nature of Canadian government. There’s the ruling party and the opposition. If he doesn’t respect the opposition, he doesn’t really understand Canadian parliament. I sure hope he isn’t elected.


I would love to let Jagmeet know that I have no respect for the NPD and anyone that would think this would be a decent choice for Canada. The financially and morally corrupt group, that are okay with sucking hard working conservatives dry, we work and they want to reap the rewards. What kind of leader would this man be? He condones communism, bashing the police forces and the end of Remembrance Day.
I want a PM that will work for all of Canada and that right now is Andrew Scheer.


I had a decent opinion of him on a personal level after the debate, even though I disagree with him on everything. But that is gone now. He insulted millions of people simply because they think differently. This comes a day after Justin told a crowd in Quebec to fight abd resist Doug Ford and Jason Kenny and any other conservative premier. Both Singh and Trudeau are openly campaigning against the oil.industry. They would rather import t from the Middle east than use Canadian oil. No one has done more to sow division in this country than Justin. He richly… Read more »

Nolan Diamond

Doug Ford & Jason Kenny, must have good policies, for Trudeau to criticize them. They both have disasters to clean up, from previous NDP/Liberal, economic screw ups. Cut backs will happen, to repair the problems & outrage follows from lefties.


Both Liberal and NDP say they want to help Alberta with jobs and the pipeline but it’s all words. They don’t want to help Alberta, Trudeau didn’t even remember to mention the province in his Canada Day speech.

old white guy

I have no respect, zero, for all socialists and jagmeet is at the very bottom. A vote for socialism is a vote for communism. Everyone cannot have everything. Get out and work f0r your daily bread and do not expect someone else to pay your way.


This idiot wants to be the leader of a country? What a joke.


The future for Canada with a Liberal / NDP Government.

Ana Maria Gomes

They are the same as ideologies are concerned, but our” Liberals” erased any sign of liberalism from their souls .Their Voters are too lazy to inform. themselves about the meaning of a party’s policies .Trudeau’s Communists call themselves Liberals to attract the lazy ignorant and the naive who would not vote for Communists if they knew the Mob they are voting for..

Brian Dougan

“Love and Courage.” Hardly the motto of a genuine leader. Hearts and flowers everyone! Love! love! (Except to those excrement Conservatives.)

Ana Maria Gomes

Love for whom? For Conservative Canadians ,for sure. They are half of Canada.

Courage for what? To swallow the Corruption pills provided by our Virtue Shaming criminal minded PM?


This isn’t verified. This is media posting fake news. Believe it if you must, the video cuts out and is being recorded from another device. This is just one man’s opinion that other people agree to and feel compelled to share.

Nolan Diamond

The left wing media supports the NDP or any left wing party & agree with Singh’s opinion.

Ana Maria Gomes

What are you talking about? What is not verified? What does your” This” refer to?


Just lost any respect I had for you too…

Ruth Bard

The Left: Eat babies! The Right: Stop killing babies! Which is worthy of respect?

Laughing at Singh’s radio ads about making “the rich” pay their “fair share.” Does he pay his fair share? cuz he’s certainly one of “the rich.” Oh, wait…it’s always someone else, isn’t it?


Such an inspiring and charismatic leader, no wonder why Mr Singh managed to take a party that won 44 seats in 2015, and reduce them down to 24-25 seats in 2019. If that is a measure of success maybe, should they not fire him like Mr. Mulcair, he may manage to reduce their caucus to 14 seats two years from now, if not eliminate their official party status altogether.