VIDEO: Jagmeet Singh Insults Millions Of Canadians, Says “We Don’t Respect Conservatives”

“Love and Courage” indeed…

Jagmeet Singh has based his campaign on the personal slogan “Love and Courage.”

But apparently, Jagmeet doesn’t extend that “love” to his fellow Canadians who happen to be Conservatives.

At a press conference, Jagmeet Singh insulted millions of Canadians, and flat-out said “We don’t respect Conservatives.”

Here’s the video:

“Good to know @theJagmeetSingh doesn’t respect conservatives. It’s why I won’t vote for him. #cdnpoli I’d want a PM to respect all Canadians.”

In case you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Jagmeet Singh’s comments are dangerous, divisive, and show he has contempt for millions of Canadians, something that should disqualify anyone seeking to lead our great nation.

And Singh’s comments have drawn a strong backlash, even from some progressives:

“I really like Jagmeet but this ain’t it.

For someone who won his leadership on “Love and Courage” this comment doesn’t bear well.

Conservatives are Canadians too.”

Clearly, in his effort to defeat Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh is becoming more and more like Trudeau: A divisive, dishonest politician who is willing to insult, denigrate, and demonize millions of Canadians in an effort to divide the country and win votes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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