DART Maru/Blue Poll: Conservatives Lead Nationally & In Battleground Ontario

Conservative jump in Ontario gives them the edge in new poll.

According to a new DART Maru/Blue Voice Canada poll, the Conservatives are leading both nationally, and in battleground Ontario, giving them the edge as the election nears.

Nationally, the Conservatives are at 33%, compared to the Liberals at 29%. The NDP trail with 21%, with the Greens and PPC at 7% and 2% respectively.

On Ontario, the Conservatives lead with 36%, a jump of 4 points since the last DART Maru/Blue poll. The Liberals are down 1 point to 32%, while the NDP, Greens, and PPC are at 22%, 8%, and 2% respectively.

In Quebec, the Bloc leads with 33%. The Liberals trail with 30%, the Conservatives are at 19%, the NDP is at 13%, the Greens are at 5%, and the PPC are at 1%.

In BC the Conservatives narrowly lead the Liberals, but are down 9 points to 29%. The NDP are at 26%, meaning the top three parties are all within the margin of error of each other. The Greens are at 12%, while the PPC are at 3%.

In Alberta, the Conservatives dominate, with 57%, while the Liberals are far back with just 23%. The NDP are at 18%, while the PPC is at 6%. The Greens are in last place, with 3%.

In Manitoba/Saskatchewan, the Conservatives lead with 51%, while the NDP is in second with 25%. The Liberals have 20%, the Greens have 2%, and the PPC has 2%.

And in Atlantic Canada, the Liberals lead with 35%. Interestingly, the NDP are in second place, with 28%, while the Conservatives are at 22%. The Greens are at 13%, and the PPC are at 2%.

This poll fits with most of the other polls we’ve seen, as most surveys are now converging (if you include the margin of error) around showing a close election and a divided country. However, if the Conservative lead in Ontario is correct, then that means the Liberals are in serious trouble.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube