DART Maru/Blue Poll: Conservatives Lead Nationally & In Battleground Ontario

Conservative jump in Ontario gives them the edge in new poll.

According to a new DART Maru/Blue Voice Canada poll, the Conservatives are leading both nationally, and in battleground Ontario, giving them the edge as the election nears.

Nationally, the Conservatives are at 33%, compared to the Liberals at 29%. The NDP trail with 21%, with the Greens and PPC at 7% and 2% respectively.

On Ontario, the Conservatives lead with 36%, a jump of 4 points since the last DART Maru/Blue poll. The Liberals are down 1 point to 32%, while the NDP, Greens, and PPC are at 22%, 8%, and 2% respectively.

In Quebec, the Bloc leads with 33%. The Liberals trail with 30%, the Conservatives are at 19%, the NDP is at 13%, the Greens are at 5%, and the PPC are at 1%.

In BC the Conservatives narrowly lead the Liberals, but are down 9 points to 29%. The NDP are at 26%, meaning the top three parties are all within the margin of error of each other. The Greens are at 12%, while the PPC are at 3%.

In Alberta, the Conservatives dominate, with 57%, while the Liberals are far back with just 23%. The NDP are at 18%, while the PPC is at 6%. The Greens are in last place, with 3%.

In Manitoba/Saskatchewan, the Conservatives lead with 51%, while the NDP is in second with 25%. The Liberals have 20%, the Greens have 2%, and the PPC has 2%.

And in Atlantic Canada, the Liberals lead with 35%. Interestingly, the NDP are in second place, with 28%, while the Conservatives are at 22%. The Greens are at 13%, and the PPC are at 2%.

This poll fits with most of the other polls we’ve seen, as most surveys are now converging (if you include the margin of error) around showing a close election and a divided country. However, if the Conservative lead in Ontario is correct, then that means the Liberals are in serious trouble.

Spencer Fernando

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pancake rachel corrie

Funny how theres no multiculturalism in trudeaus home

Shawn Harris

What these polls suggest is , the voters and public in general want Trudeau gone, but can’t find enough courage to give him another chance or the NDP and Greens a chance either. So, it comes down to the Conservatives who are the only party with a realistic chance of defeating Trudeau, forming a government. The scariest part of these polls is, Trudeau and his quest for never ending power will take whatever seats, no matter how much lower they are than the Conservatives and try to declare himself winner and still be called PM. After all, Trudeau severely rigged… Read more »


The Liberals are going to lose a lot of seats in Atlantic Canada, Quebec and Ontario. It should be a near wipe out on the Prairies.

While I think they will also lose seats in BC, the Greens and NDP will likely benefit the most. For the most part my beautiful province has gone off the rails politically.

Since the Bloc will probably take ridings from both the Lbs and CPC, we really, REALLY need Ontario to go solid blue and save this country from economic disaster