READ: Warren Kinsella Issues Statement

Also says “source” for the story was former employee who was fired for “anti-semitic” remarks.

Warren Kinsella has issued a statement, following a Globe & Mail report alleging his Daisy Group was hired by the Conservatives to engage in an anti-PPC effort.

You can read his statement below: (note, these are Kinsella’s words, not mine)

“It’s been quite a day.

So, a few things.

After a decade or more, I’ve deactivated Twitter and Facebook. I’ve had it. I may be back on social media, I may not. I don’t know

I’m pulling back from other media, too. My family and my work colleagues don’t deserve what they’ve been going through. One of them even had to change her cell number today, it got so bad. Also, I’m sick. So, enough is enough.

I’m a lawyer; I’m not interested in getting disbarred. As Jody Wilson-Raybould knows too well, lawyers are not permitted to simply break vows of confidentiality. Only the client can let you do that. The client, here, hasn’t.

I’ve been researching, writing about, and opposing racism for more than three decades. Maxime Bernier and his People’s Party are indisputably racist. They are bigots. They have anti-Semitic and homophobic members. If someone wants to join forces with me to beat Bernier, I will always welcome it.

I’m proud to oppose bigots like Bernier, paid or not. And the client who wanted to expose and oppose bigotry? They deserve credit, not criticism.

The work we were doing ended many months ago. It was always going to be disclosed, by law. It was in no way inappropriate or wrong. Opposing organized bigotry is always appropriate and right. We were and are fiercely proud of the work we did.

We hired someone. That person made anti-Semitic, intolerant remarks and stole from our company. We got rid of that person. It doesn’t surprise me, in the slightest, that person would do something that would later assist Bernier’s intolerant political party. It’s what a hater would do.

All the journalists calling and texting: I get it. You have a job to do, and it’s the final weekend. But I’m just not going to respond anymore. So stop trying. Sorry.

Finally: I hold no party membership with anyone. I regard myself as an independent. As a firm, we have worked for every single political party – or candidates running under the banner of every single political party. Every one, except Bernier’s. We don’t help racists.

Any of you who are depicting Maxime Bernier as in any way a victim are assisting a racist. You are helping him. You should stop doing that.

That’s all I’ve got to say. Comments are open – on this, my first and last platform – but keep it civil. Some civility would be nice, today.

The picture above? It’s of my favourite place on Earth. When I kick the bucket, that’s where you’ll find me.


It remains to be seen what impact – if any – this has on the election campaign, though the Conservatives are at risk of being thrown off message in the crucial final days.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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It’s what a globalist would say. They are the enemy.

Elizabeth Thorne

I am voting for Max Bernier, a man who has been kicked by oh so many hateful, nasty people.

Cedric Ramirez

Warren Kinsella is living proof that we have a LibCon party.


Well that’s interesting–but I highly doubt the CBC will even read this (or acknowledge they did).

Arie Intveld

Scheer hired Kinsella. An your point is what? Kinsella claims he has been in the employ of all political parties EXCEPT the PPC. Why isn’t the G&M reporting on that as well? The bias in our MSM is now a flashing neon sign.


Monday, Monday~ it is almost over. What I do know is that Justin is the only one that can get away with being racist with out much of a peep from the media. Max is making it seem like he is in the running, when he never has been. I am not sure what is happening with this, do I think it could be another tactic of the liberals against Scheer? Do I think this is a true story? Who knows any more. Do we need racist and more crazies then we already have in government? I don’t believe we… Read more »

Nolan Diamond

Those that support Bernier, respect his common sense, pro Canadian values.The conservative party allowed him to leave, without giving his policies a chance to improve it’s platform. Listen to his policies first, before accepting accusations. Yes he will not win this time, but his party deserves seats in parliament, to counter the NDP/Green lefties, who support Liberals.


As I have said from the start of Max and his pulling away from the Conservative party, Max would pull votes away that could have went towards defeating Justin and the liberals. Canada needed them, and has changed nothing.
It is not that I did not agree with some of his ideas. I did not think this was the time to do what he did. We will pay for it dearly. In our pocket books and as a country.


Oh, boy! Politics!


This whole election is all nasty, even if the Conservatives win with a majority these “country destroying communists” will continue to try and stop it and continue their fake dog and pony shows, it appears the lefties/righties have already sold our country out to the UNGlobalists and this election is fixed again.
I will still vote Conservative, as the least corrupt party in Canada and pray that they are still not as corrupted as all the other parties are and that this is all more fake lefty news again.


Cannot imagine the stress this has put you and your family under. Wish you all the best.
I enjoy your columns and Twitter feed.
Hope to see you back soon.
I smoke but thank God I dont ride bikes.

Nolan Diamond

If you are hired to damage another party, finding a fake candidate with Maxime Bernier’s name(rhinoceros party) to cause confusion for voters, then don’t complain about blowback.


Thanks for this statement, Warren

Nolan Diamond

A statement that said nothing, except poor me.

Rosalee Dallimore

” Maxime Bernier and his People’s Party are indisputably racist. They are bigots. They have anti-Semitic and homophobic members”. That is nothing but a bunch of nonsense and all lies. This man is very dishonest in his comments. Seems to me that he is the one that is a bigot. All the comments that I have read so far from PPC members have been nothing but honest. The comments that have been coming from CPC members have been nothing but hateful, horrible lies. I have never seen so much hate coming from a party. The Liberals, NDP or the Green… Read more »

Nolan Diamond

Some Canadians know when accusations are false, & others don’t care, as long as their party wins. Anything for the cause works.

Brian Mellor

Kinsella worked for the Liberals and opposed the Harper gov. I was surprised when he began writing for the Sun against the Liberals. What made him change horses?


Or did he, is the question.

Nolan Diamond

Warren is centre left & usually is more balanced in opinions. The current Liberal party has gone more left wing radical, sadly since PM Justin Trudeau arrived.

Sam Samnah

I’m sorry for the crap you’re enduring. I will miss your commentary.

Christine Dorothy

That you state Bernie is racist sounds like a subjective judgement to me. You have given no examples. Just accusations. This type of speech can do great damage to a person without the accuser suffering any consequences. I prefer to disagree and make my own opinion from what I see. And I like what I see.

Nolan Diamond

Yes Christine, all the phoney charges against Bernier’s PPC are crap & a smear on it’s supporters. Just read the PPC policies on their website, & use your own judgement. Plus, listen to Maxime Bernier speak common sense, on YouTube, then decide for yourself.


This smells fishy and why are many of his clients liberals ?

alan skelhorne

oh so you see, Kinsella, a 100% pure liberal, is not biting at this one, he has explained to everyone out there, what went on. but, like we all said, a vote for bernier, is a vote for Trudeau. I have said from once he entered into having his own party, that Trudeau had something to do with it. haha, you reap what you sew bernier, but nice try.

Nolan Diamond

Up in smoke again Alan? Lefties are all the same.

Jonathan Wasiatycz

Perhaps just as a point of interest, but more relevant to me, as a point of comparison, my mother, while campaigning with my sister, who is a PPC candidate of Jewish/Polish descent, was multiple times verbally attacked by the NDP candidate and her friends on the streets, being called a Nazi and a fascist. This man Kinsella based on his ideas and his manner of speaking seems no better a person to me than that. My family barely survived the war and we can appreciate fascism. Kinsella is a dangerous man to our democracy.


where is the proof the Max and his party are “indisputably racist” there is a clip of him at a interview where he explicitly say’s that white supremacists are NOT welcome in his party. furthermore, the candidate who they fired who asked Max to denounce racism was not fired upon that basis. He was fired for breaking Election Canada rules. He was acting as his own financial agent which is not allowed.

Jet 50

I would like Mr. Kinsella to be specific about his accusations that Mr. BERNIER is racist. Give examples and evidence. I have listened to several of Mr. BERNIER’s interviews and speeches and have not heard anything racist.

Elizabeth Thorne

I am sick and tired of listening to all the lies Warren.

Nolan Diamond

You make sense & I listen to your past opinions Warren, but this time you screwed up. Some will do anything for cash at times, shame on you. Wise up, you are better than this deception against Bernier & the PPC.


You had me when you deleted your social media accounts. It’s a cross between loneliness and freedom.

Joseph Scully

Just calling someone a racist or a bigot doesn’t make it so. Notably absent from Kinsella’s diatribe are concrete examples of the alleged racism. People are so tired of this tactic. It is so cliche. What isn’t racist? I would hesitate to label Trudeau a racist for parading about as Buckwheat. Idiotic and immature, yes. Racist? no. The term ‘racist’ is throwing about with such ease these days that it’s lost its meaning. Is Max a racist for wanting to limit immigration? How has he shown antisemitism? I guess we just have to take Warren’s word for it. A critique… Read more »


I will be glad when all that racist BS and political correctness is over.All this rubbish talk coming from crying babies does not help Canada or prosperity,and it does not put more food on my table.Do something constructive that will help Canada not something that divides us.


How do you know Bernier is racist? I have listened to many of his interviews and I have not heard a hint of racism . So please tell me how do you know this for sure ?

Lance Boyle

In my opinion, Mr. Kinsella white knighting on racism strangely reminds me a lot of Jian Ghomeshi’s championing of feminism.

Yes, the lawyer doth protest too much, methinks.

John Whitehead

Good for you Warren, tell it how it is. we need more of folks like you to stand up for what is right