WATCH: Scheer Says Election Choice Is Between “Conservative Majority” Or “Trudeau-NDP Coalition You Can’t Afford”

Conservative leader raises the stakes as Election Day nears.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is seeking to set a clear ballot question for Canadians:

It’s either a Conservative majority, or a Liberal-NDP coalition.

Scheer made the remarks in a new video released on social media:

“The choice is clear: A stable Conservative majority government that will leave more money in your pockets and help all Canadians get ahead. Or a Trudeau-NDP coalition that you cannot afford.”

Currently, the polls show no party likely to get a majority, with the possibility that whoever wins will end up leading the weakest government (in terms of popular vote support) that our country has ever seen at the federal level.

Scheer’s remarks are an attempt to gain support by focusing people’s minds on the fact that a vote against the Conservatives could lead to a coalition that nobody asked for, and would mean huge tax hikes on already over-taxed Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Donald O'Kane

I agree 100% we need a conservative majority. Canada won’t survive another 4 years of what we just went through.

Diane DiFlorio

OR people do a little soul searching and research and find out that the #PPC party supports Canadian values.


Andrew Scheer is right again. Clap, clap, clap.


Yes with a fixed lefty un-affordable government, borrowing huge amounts to give away, raising taxes, or setting up new taxes, that still will not cover the cost of their out of control expensive promises. I wonder how fast the country will be totally corrupted and bankrupt,(Greece. Venezuela etc) especially after the West separates, so much to look forward to. Vote for the Conservatives, they at least can add and subtract and have a lot of common sense, compared to all the other off the wall parties, If you want a government to look after everything for you go visit Venezuela… Read more »


I rather vote for a party that will win majority of seats and form stable government.Than coalition government of two politicians who always talk about political correctness and climate change.They have a big ego if they form a government all they will be doing arguing with each other and nothing will be done.

Shawn Harris

If there is any doubt as to the enormous damage a Liberal, NDP and Green Party coalition would bring, just look to the recent damage that the NDP did in Alberta. And think about the long term and ongoing damage it will continue to do until it is corrected. If you still have any doubts, remember the 15 years of Liberal rule here in Ontario, leaving the citizens to pay for the world’s largest sub sovereign debt load of more than 340 billion dollars, along with the most expensive electricity in all of north america. And not to be forgotten… Read more »