BREAKING: Liberals Win Election

Whether it will be a majority government or a minority government remains to seen.

The Liberals have won the Canadian federal election, but may lose their majority government.

The campaign of Conservative leader Andrew Scheer came up short, as the Conservatives remained stuck near 2015 support levels, while the Liberals outperformed the final polls.

You can view the results here.

Spencer Fernando

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it is a DISGRACE that this absent idiot is re elected…. the electorate is voting by rote


Another sad 4 years for Canada.
I do not understand how people do not feel the corruption of the liberal government will not affect them in the long run. He will take your money and give it to his causes out of the country. He will destroy our natural resources and he will bleed you dry with carbon tax and any other way he can think to take your money.
I am deeply disappointed.


For the first time in my life I’m embarrassed for our country. Now we can look forward to a 50 cent Canadian dollar, $2.00 a liter for fas soon, (it’s already near $1.60 in Victoria) higher taxes, a big decline in the TSX, unsustainable debt, and likely many Albertans wanting to separate.

Andrew Scheer should resign tomorrow.


Hard to believe a country would elect a crook to run the country


I’m saving my money to leave this country


Well I guess people love corruption and do not love Canada, What else can you say? Toronto is more than half full of new people to Canada and thousands of Canadian homeless or many Canadians have moved out of Toronto, Hamilton is the same, even the police force lives outside the city. Outside of the cities are blue Conservatives Trudeau’s Lieberals are replacing us colonial Canadians as Trudeau said. So now Canada will break apart? I hope there will be a check of where all the ballots came from, the election seems fixed to me again, with all those American… Read more »


This Election should be Investigated! There is NO Way that the Most Hated Liberals all got re-elected without this Election being Rigged! I would also like to know in what Ridings were the 56,000 Out of Country Votes assigned to? Trudeau is a Snake and should Never be Trusted!! This has to be Investigated!


Not another 4 years of Trudeau! Ugh!


Here comes M-103 and likely the close scrutiny of sites like Spencer’s. Dissent will NOT be tolerated.


My son just told me the Conservatives had over 50 thousand votes more than the lieberals so far but ??? And my question is if over a million votes came in from OUT of Canada, as they said, who placed them? This is really bad, welcome to Venezuela and our new crime lords?


CBC did an article about the over 2 million people that live outside of the country with voting rights and that was in 2011. I knew when the liberals changed the rules to let people out of the country vote it would be an issue. The liberals changed the rules to stack the deck.


I believe they cheated, no one I know of voted Liberal.

old white guy

Michele, there are millions of liars out there.

Major Tom

I smell a rat…….I served this country……now I can’t wait to leave it………


Thank you for your service.

Garlet Farlett

It was nice knowing you Canada…. I’m moving to Alberta so I can get one of their passports when they separate.

Margaret Smith

To say I am disappointed in Canadians is an understatement. I can not believe a man who has lied, put us in the middle of a disgraceful scandal, was found guilty of Ethics interference spent our hard earned dollars foolishly like it was money growing on trees has been re elected. I must be missing something that all these Liberal voters see but for the life of me I don’t know what it is. Today I am feeling sad for our country.

Margaret Smith

I keep looking back at the town hall meeting where Trudeau told a Veteran that they are asking for more than the gov’t can offer and I keep looking back at the 10.5 million this gov’t paid out to a known terrorist. I am disgusted today and on top of everything Trudeau gets a message from Trump congratulating him and saying Canada is well represented. Trudeau and Morneau talk about moving forward together ( all of us ) but he failed to say we didn’t move forward after he was elected in 2015. What will become of us now?? Will… Read more »