Liberals Lead In Atlantic Canada, But No Sweep This Time

Both Conservatives and NDP look likely to eat into Liberal vote.

In 2015, the Liberals won all the seats in Atlantic Canada, and won about 60% of the vote.

So far in 2019, it seems clear there will be no Liberal sweep this time.

The Liberals are leading in the region, but both the Conservatives and NDP look likely to pick up seats.

The Liberals are also around 50% in the popular vote in Atlantic Canada, with the Conservatives in the mid-thirties and the NDP between 10-15%.

You can view updated national seat counts and popular vote totals here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Jeffrey Stephaniuk

Thank you for this great coverage. Here’s to a Canada where the politicians no longer say “I’ll let you get away with x if you let me get away with y.”


The Greens are leading in two but the races arent called. Early results are very scary.

Arie Intveld

Once upon a time, the oil and gas industry in Saskatchewan, Alberta and north-western BC was booming and the Maritimers couldn’t get out West fast enough. Eye-watering hourly wages, company-paid flights back home to the Maritimes; yes, the West welcomed the economic refugees from the squid-jiggin’ grounds with open arms. As the oil patch imploded, thanks to a socialist federal government fixated on leaving Canada’s oil and gas resources locked in place, all dem boyo’s hightailed it back home to live the life of Riley on EI. And to vote Liberal, just like their daddies and granddaddies did. Thanks for… Read more »


You that that right. Takers to the end.


The east that receives the equalization payments from the west. With no concern for the people that have been the opes paying to give them the funding. I would support a separation from the east. They can keep Trudeau and we keep the Canada name.