#TrudeaulessTuesday Is Trending On Twitter

Many Canadians are hoping Trudeau will be defeated tonight.

In a sign of how many Canadians are hoping Justin Trudeau will be defeated, #TrudeaulessTuesday is trending on Twitter.

Many shared their hope for Trudeau’s defeat:

“Outstanding hashtag. Well played Canada, well played.”

“Dear Canada, Time to get rid of this loser… Thanks, Everyone. #TrudeaulessTuesday

“Agreed! Remember how @JustinTrudeau treated our LPC Whitby MP @MPCelina over the past 4 years? Showing his true colours. Shameful. Let’s bring sanity back to Whitby, vote @ToddMcCarthyCPC Jim Flaherty would be proud, boy do we miss him. #TrudeaulessTuesday #elxn43″ #cdnpoli”


“I have been in some seriously crappy situations around this world and I have prayed for help to get out of them. Today I am praying that Canadians vote to save our country!! #Scheer4PM @AndrewScheer. Come on Canada we deserve better then #TrudeauMustGo #TrudeaulessTuesday”

Let’s all hope that tomorrow truly is #TrudeaulessTuesday!

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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And of course the left are claiming its bots
rather than real people tweeting the hash tag. Let’s hope the Trudeauless Tuesday comes true. I will be greatly relieved for my country


Agree Trudeauless Tuesday, but Singhless and Mayless too.
Andrew Scheer for PM !!!!!

Jim Montag

Trudeau must go



Shawn Harris

Canadians are usually very smart and can detect when they have been had, as in the case of Trudeau. Now is the time for everyone to show all Liberals especially Trudeau just what we think of their leader and his laying waste to the Canada we all know and love. Just boot Trudeau out of office and give the Conservatives a majority government.


Are any of the PPC candidates marked on the ballot, or are they under independent on the ballots?
All the rest of the candidates have their party affiliation with their names.
My riding had one independent on the ballot.


We had a ppc on our ballots and yes in some ridings if they had been Conservatives, it would have given the Conservatives a seat, so sad that the lieberals did this, and won.