#TrudeaulessTuesday Is Trending On Twitter

Many Canadians are hoping Trudeau will be defeated tonight.

In a sign of how many Canadians are hoping Justin Trudeau will be defeated, #TrudeaulessTuesday is trending on Twitter.

Many shared their hope for Trudeau’s defeat:

“Outstanding hashtag. Well played Canada, well played.”

“Dear Canada, Time to get rid of this loser… Thanks, Everyone. #TrudeaulessTuesday

“Agreed! Remember how @JustinTrudeau treated our LPC Whitby MP @MPCelina over the past 4 years? Showing his true colours. Shameful. Let’s bring sanity back to Whitby, vote @ToddMcCarthyCPC Jim Flaherty would be proud, boy do we miss him. #TrudeaulessTuesday #elxn43″ #cdnpoli”


“I have been in some seriously crappy situations around this world and I have prayed for help to get out of them. Today I am praying that Canadians vote to save our country!! #Scheer4PM @AndrewScheer. Come on Canada we deserve better then #TrudeauMustGo #TrudeaulessTuesday”

Let’s all hope that tomorrow truly is #TrudeaulessTuesday!

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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