READ: Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe’s Letter Demanding A “New Deal With Canada”

“The path our federal government has been on the last four years has divided our nation. Last night’s election results showed the sense of frustration and alienation in Saskatchewan is now greater than it has been at any point in my lifetime” said Moe.

With separatist sentiment surging in the West following Justin Trudeau’s election victory, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has made clear that the status quo between the federal government and the Saskatchewan government.

In an open letter to Justin Trudeau, Moe called for a “New Deal with Canada.”

Moe made three clear demands:

  1. Scrap the federal carbon tax.
  2. Make the equalization formula fair for Saskatchewan and Alberta.
  3. Commit to a plan that ensures Saskatchewan & Alberta can get their exports to international markets. Adding, “that means pipelines.”

You can read Moe’s letter below:

Scott Moe Letter

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Donald O'Kane

I agree with Premier Scott Moe about everything he said. We have had a lot of words from Trudeau and the Liberals but have been shown actions to the opposite of what he says. I don’t believe a word Trudeau says anymore. We have heard far too many lies from him over the last 4 years.

james isnor

Great letter Scott Moe. Probably as much of an ink waste as living in Western Canada and voting in the federal election. Eastern Canada elects the Prime Minister. The PM said he would reform he election process but he said a lot of things did nt he ?

Shawn Harris

Trudeau has no legitimacy and no mandate to govern and his words are just lies. Does anyone outside of the Liberal sycophantic group of supporters really and truly believe anything that dribbles out of the mouth of Trudeau. For Trudeau who has spent these last four years demonizing , delegitimizing and and trying to undermine and destroy Alberta and Saskatchewan economies, to now say we hear you and want to help you rings hollow and has the appearance of being just another lie by Trudeau. And just what kind of help might that be, given that he was tone deaf… Read more »

alan skelhorne

in my opinion, I don,t know why the three provinces are wasting their breath with this dictator-traitor-liar. he loves the Saudi money, he was suppose to cancel the arms deal with them, remember what he said about harper, cozing up with the Saudis, what a schmuck this low life is, form the committee like someone suggested about a year ago, go the states, you want business with us, we have lots of oil. tell Trudeau to go play in traffic, walk away from this dreadful country, that I, millions of others used to love. like Trudeau has said in the… Read more »

Major Tom

No deals with criminals! Separate!

Dave French

EXCELLENT Premier Moe…

Ivan Hawkes

Mr. Moe, please know we are with you from Alberta and you couldn’t possibly be more right on. Grab them by the throat!!!


All of Canada knows that this letter will avail nothing. Trudeau is “deaf” to all but his sycophants. With absolutely no qualifying reason whatsoever, Quebec had a referendum to secede from Canada, many years ago. They came within a hair’s breadth of achieving their goal. From Manitoba west, these Provinces have many justifiable reasons to conduct a referendum to secede. The singular most important one: The very literal survival of themselves and their families and their very future generations. It only too late for those whom decide to remain a part of this cancer that is Trudeau and the Liberal… Read more »


Premier Scott Moe sent a very nice letter, right to the point, but it’s true that the lieberals say one thing and do another depending on where in Canada they are, but it is way past time for action to be taken. How many times do they send a warning shot over the bough and still just get lies back or another new set of laws and rules to stop progress and more cheap words and smearing. I am still angry that Trudeau lied about and smeared Doug Ford, who has been working very hard to clean up the huge… Read more »


I’m glad that Premier Moe is standing up for the West. I would not like to be in Trudeau’s shoes. He go down in history as the Prime Minister who presided over the break up of Canada.

Kerry Clark

Trudeau needs to adhere to his own words! If he thinks Saskatchewan and Alberta are just making noise then somebody should show him the electoral map! Not one liberal was elected in either province and that map also shows a good chunk of BC also went Tory Blue! Wake up, Mr. Woke Feminist!

old white guy

There will be no new deals. Socialism rules and socialism will destroy.