READ: Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe’s Letter Demanding A “New Deal With Canada”

“The path our federal government has been on the last four years has divided our nation. Last night’s election results showed the sense of frustration and alienation in Saskatchewan is now greater than it has been at any point in my lifetime” said Moe.

With separatist sentiment surging in the West following Justin Trudeau’s election victory, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has made clear that the status quo between the federal government and the Saskatchewan government.

In an open letter to Justin Trudeau, Moe called for a “New Deal with Canada.”

Moe made three clear demands:

  1. Scrap the federal carbon tax.
  2. Make the equalization formula fair for Saskatchewan and Alberta.
  3. Commit to a plan that ensures Saskatchewan & Alberta can get their exports to international markets. Adding, “that means pipelines.”

You can read Moe’s letter below:

Scott Moe Letter

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter