#WEXIT Is Trending On Twitter As Western Anger Explodes

Right now, it’s a massive trend in the nation.

Following the re-election of the Trudeau Liberals, anger has exploded in Western Canada.

And now, the Western Exit hashtag #WEXIT is trending.

The Liberals won the most seats by a clear margin, but lost the popular vote, and got absolutely destroyed in Alberta and Saskatchewan, losing all of their seats.

The Conservatives also won by massive margins in many Alberta ridings, a clear example of the anger of Albertans and the clear message they were sending with their votes.

The fact that the idea of Western Separation and separatist sentiment in Alberta is rising is yet another indictment of Justin Trudeau’s failed leadership. He lost the popular vote, and now ‘leads’ a country that is coming apart at the seams.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Trudeau’s plan to destroy Canada is working.


Smaller countries , especially redistributionist countrys like Canada work better when not governed by a massive faceless bureacracy thousands of miles away


Myself and so many of my friends will move out West and as well, transfer the Province of Registration for their businesses out West as well, to Alberta if they are successful in seceding from the fascist Provinces of Ontario East. Canadians have no idea what they are in for. They should remember this: ALL dictatorships has started with control and censor of the media. And trudeau has publicly stated that he will monitor all social media and punish those whom dare to speak out against any elected member of Parliament. The proposed punitive action as of today is a… Read more »

Major Tom

For the past 5 days….I was barred from online contact with all the mainstream media sources in Canada except Rebel and Canada Free Press. The ban was lifted this morning. The two questions I asked were never addressed….and the media blackout was ominous! I was expecting a knock on the door! No longer my country!

John Trainor

The Libs lost 6 seats in BC…only seats they and the NDP won are in the greater vancouver area…..Tories won the popular vote by a mile……so lets not throw us under the bus when separation is the topic…..

Ben Eby

Thanks, BC folks, glad to hear from you. Our door is always open for our western neighbors, friends and relatives!


This was the most unfortunate election for what was a great country and although I do not want it to divide, I support the prairie provinces and now is the right time to go as Canada will now go down faster and take them with it, and anyone smart enough to NOT vote for them will be a bigger target, while still using them to their last borrowed penny, I was hoping this would not happen but this is happening around the world you can watch it so sad, I know it cannot happen but I wish the Conservative part… Read more »

alan skelhorne

if you have any, don,t give them up.


wheres the pipeline going to go with that ndp BC coastline? Cant get it to hudson bay either with northern manitoba ndp


B.C. can be forced into separation with the prairies

Ben Eby

Not so! They would be on their own if that is their choice!

Norbert Kausen

I am currently looking at property in Alberta. I WILL move there once WEXIT gains momentum.

Donald O'Kane

I became a member of WEXIT a couple months ago and now my resolve is stronger than ever to see Western Canada become a sovereign nation. Demand my CPP account (about $1.5 million be transfered to an Alberta pension fund and stop all transfer payments to Ottawa (Quebec) and any tax money payments. Let Ottawa deal with all the backlash. I am sick and tired of Alberta and Western Canada being tied to the whiping post!!!


You are right on the money..I live in Ontario but am gonna get outta here come spring…We elected a conservative MP but in a sea of Red up Toronto way


Pretty sure Manitoba will be part of Wexit ..they cannot tie up to Ontario , they will be insignificant because Tornto doesnt need anybody or so they seem to think

steve richards

What a shocker. I already went to one of their meetings last Saturday in Red Deer. With the Libranos in power or the Libranos/Bloc in power or Libranos/NDP in power it all spells the same result for Alberta and Saskatchewan, disaster. Tie in the socialist/communist plans of the climate hoax and we are really toast. Soon we won’t even be able to post like this on this site when he gets his internet thought police in place. We need to separate now without delay.


The lefties scorn Donald Trump for a wall between US and Mexico. Maybe the west should erect one at the Manitoba border. This country is a disgrace for allowing and re electing a socialist dictator back into power. I as a Canadian am ashamed to now live in this country.


I’d direct traffic for the Americans if they wanted to annex what’s left of this nation.

Ben Eby

That is a dominant feeling in the west. How can so, so many easterners not see the light? Too much more of Trudeau’s presence in our lives and we all will be broke. Trudeau/Butts are nation destroyers, who have accomplished their mission, except that the WEST is not having any part of his silliness. How did such a bizarre person, useless, small-minded ever become PM? Freakish stuff!


My heart is broken today over this election. I believe the fix was in from the start with Trudeau’s wholesale import of tens of thousands of refugees and illegals – over the last 4 years – then changing the election rules so they could very easily cast an illegal vote by removing the requirements of proving full citizenship. Canada is done, as a country. He got his wish : ‘ first post national state’ as I believe that the UN Global Migration Compact ‘agreement’ to import people kicks in in early December this year. Hundreds of thousands of people from… Read more »

Shawn Harris

Trudeau may see his election victory as vindication of himself and his policies, but it has only stoked the fires of separation, not only in Quebec ,but more so intensely in western Canada, namely Alberta and Saskatchewan. Such a scandal plagued and corrupt PM should resign now, as he has proven he himself as unfit and incompetent for the office of PM by being the Divider in Chief. For Trudeau this is nothing more than a hollow victory coming at the cost of national unity. If he continues with his policies to “phase out the oil industry” and allows the… Read more »


I agree! This is an impending disaster. Divide, disarm and conquer the masses!

Dave Allsopp

“He lost the popular vote, and now ‘leads’ a country that is coming apart at the seams.”
Quite frankly I wouldn’t call what he has done the past four years “leading” so I don’t expect him to start leading now.


The strange part of secession is that it is an idea that crosses ideological boundaries. I have heard more serious talk about secession in B.C then I did on the prairie when I lived there, and now it’s becoming respectable in Saskatchewan as well. The oil sands of Alberta contain one of the top four oil reserves on Earth, Saskatchewan also has oil sands, and part of the Balkan formation in it’s territory, along with large deposits of Uranium. Such resources are NOT going to be kept in the ground, or off international markets because activists and dumb politicians declare… Read more »

Beverley Campbell

What I would like to see, and I am quite sure many other Canadians stand with me, is a clear explanation of EXACTLY how the equalization works, no one even talks about it except to mutter threats about stopping it, I need to know exactly and specifically how it works, please can you find someone in power who can clearly explain it?


I have found an article by policy school informative. I looked up, equalization for 2018-2019.
The equalization payments are frozen in place for the next 4 years now. Morneau and Justin froze them for 5 years so they could destroy the west. The Calgary’s, Don Braid did a great article on that.