Husky Confirms Layoffs In Western Canada, Hundreds Of Jobs To Be Lost

News of layoffs – heavily concentrated in Calgary – emerged following the federal election.

Shortly after the federal election results came in, rumours began spreading that Husky Energy was laying off hundreds of workers in Western Canada.

Now, those rumors have been confirmed.

According to BNN Bloomberg, “Hundreds of workers at Husky Energy Inc. are believed to be affected by a round of layoffs at the Canadian energy giant, according to employees at the company.

Sources told BNN Bloomberg’s Tara Weber the layoffs are mostly focused on western Canadian staff, with the majority of cuts happening in Calgary.

“Today we did have to say goodbye to some of our colleagues. Husky has been taking steps to better align the organization and workforce with our capital plan and strategy,” said Husky Spokesperson Kim Guttormson in an emailed statement, while declining to confirm the number of jobs being cut.”

This is terrible news for the workers and their families losing their jobs, and is terrible for Canada’s unity. With Trudeau winning again, and seeming likely to ignore the justified concerns of the West, it’s quite likely that there will be even more job losses as investment flees the energy sector, and that will deepen the already severe divisions in our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Donald O'Kane

There goes more jobs from Alberta adding to the 100,000+ jobs already lost due to political interference by Trudeaus Liberals. He says he is worried about job losses – HA what a joke! We can always get a job driving for uber at minimum wage.

Don Taylor

Anybody that voted for Turdeau and the Corrupt Lieberal party are complete Aholes


I can’t believe that those upcoming job losses weren’t foreseen some time ago. Too bad Husky didn’t announce them a couple of weeks ago, instead,like BEFORE Canada re-elected the Boy Whimper who is always bragging about his ‘ job creation record’. Did anyone ever tell Justin that government jobs DON’T count because they contribute NOTHING to the economy – they actually COST us, instead ? Ah, well – ‘minority government’ won’t stay in power too long. Thank God. Just long enough for the other parties to get some more coin in their coffers, to run an election campaign with, then… Read more »


Another bad shot for our country. especially again Alberta. I have not looked for this article yet on line but I was told that there are several other companies across Canada with “Exit from Canada strategies” in place for when Canada fails. So it is not just our thoughts and feelings of being taken down a bad socialist path, if this is so. If Alberta and Saskatchewan go down the rest of Canada follows, and JT and the lieberals have hit their goals. This election was so important and we failed to provide a government FOR Canada. I am hoping… Read more »

Guy-Paul Roy

Today is not the day to look for a Job?


So what’s wrong with this picture eh? Really!!! Proper Management of the energy sector under Mr. Trump has US Energy booming and is now exporting their gas and oil. Meanwhile, trudeau who couldn’t manage a 1 man race to a 2 man outhouse has literally broken the financial back of the Energy Sector in Canada. Tens of thousands of jobs lost with a multiplier effect being the lost of 100s of billions of dollars in the long run. Way to go Canada. Secede Alberta and take charge of you own destiny. Several million Canadians will gladly move there to help… Read more »


Sad but not shocking after Justin being reinstated. We all know what is coming.

Brian Mellor

Trudeau wins and SNC in Quebec stocks values increase and and out west massive job loses. Just figures does’t it?

james isnor

Why did nt Husky lay these people off before the election ? They obviously new before today. Lets all boycott Husky products

Margaret Smith

Wonder how long before it hits the pumps in Ontario. The West is struggling for sure. They are ignored by this government and it is no wonder they don’t have Liberal seats there. Trudeau better plan to make things better for them. The West is sitting on a 4.5 billion dollar pipeline that was purchased by the Liberals with no idea what will happen with it. Apparently Trudeau gave the go ahead to build but a shovel in the ground and an actual build date are two different things. Canada is deeply divided and it seems Canadians see it but… Read more »

Mr. Squirrel

The news today says Edmonton is losing it’s fifth Tony Roma’s restaurant. I know that restaurant traffic is down, money is tight.


Edmonton, the liberal loving city, that Edmonton?


2 words

old white guy

There ain’t no cure for stupid and Canadians are locked into it.

shawn harris

Trudeau may never publicly say it, but he will say it privately that everything is going according to plan for the complete phasing out of the oil industry. So the smile on his face isn’t there because he wants to be friendly or helpful, it’s there because he is realizing his dream of completing his father’s revenge on the oil industry and especially on Alberta for having defeated Pierre Trudeau and his plan to nationalise the oil industry. With these layoffs at Husky Oil and Gas, Canadians, especially Albertans ,those old enough to remember the National Energy Plan, are seeing… Read more »

old white guy

And without oil his personal trust fund would not have existed, freaking hypocrite.