Without Unifying Federal Nationalism, Canada Is Breaking Apart

Turns out a “Post-National State” can’t actually hold together.

One of the interesting things about looking at our world today is realizing that most things exist because they serve an effective and important purpose, even if we aren’t sure what it is.

Nearly every nation on earth is built around some form of nationalism, which should be self-evident considering the fact that ‘nationalism’ has the word ‘nation’ in it to begin with.

After all, how else do you keep a bunch of people together – often in a far-flung and broad territory – without instilling a sense of common identity and uniqueness from those outside the nation?

Clearly, nationalism serves an essential purpose.

Well, under the Trudeau Liberals, Canada has been undergoing an experiment in “Post-Nationalism,” the idea that Canada is a nation without any core idea of what it means to be a citizen.

Turns out, it doesn’t work.

Canada’s leaders have missed a clear opportunity to reinstall nationalism federally, by refusing to contrast Canada’s values with the values of a nation that is mistreating us and our citizens – Communist China.

Canada’s leaders are terrified to even utter the word nationalism federally, and are even more afraid to push for establishing a strong Canadian identity that unifies our diverse population around common core values.

But just because you ignore nationalism, doesn’t mean nationalism will ignore you.

And now, Canada is breaking apart.

Ironically, nationalism is surging, but it’s surging in provinces and regions instead of our nation as a whole.

Much of Quebec thinks and acts like a nation, and the surge of the Bloc represents a surge of Quebec nationalism.

Nationalism is also surging in Western Canada, particularly in Alberta and Saskatchewan, where feelings of any ties to Canada are eroding, and identity as an Albertan or Westerner is gaining in strength.

This is a tragic, yet predictable result of the total obliteration of Canadian federal nationalism. Canadians in different parts of our country feel little in common with one another, and the consequences are increasingly disastrous.

Nationalism – based on Canada’s history of fighting for what is right, our military accomplishments, our movement towards expanding individual rights and freedoms, our historic opposition to fascism and communism, and our efforts to bind our country into one nation – is something that must be actively taught, promoted, and instilled at every opportunity. And each part of our nation must be allowed to fully participate in our national economy.

The reality is that there is no such thing as “Post-Nationalism.” Nationalism will be with us in one form or another. Either we will have strong federal nationalism that binds Canada into a common identity, or we will have nationalism at the provincial level, and our country will break up.

Only one of those choices allows our nation to survive.

Spencer Fernando

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Don Taylor

I was born in Canada 80 years ago and have been proud to be a a Canadian,since TRUDEAU and his lousy party have been in power I am no longer proud of our country,with Trudeau and his ethics violations and scandals and his continually refusing to answer questions and take responsibility for anything and continually Kissing China’s ass,while leaving two of our citizens to rot in chinese jails as far as I am concerned the liberal party and especially Turdeau is an insult to our country
Kevin Oleary said it right Trudeau is TOXIC to the betterment of Canada


I have to agree and even when Chretien and Martin were in power the country was never like this. I’ve been living in Canada for 38 years (my life) and feel the same way, which is sad. The popular vote speaks volumes about the man in Ottawa, who will never be able to relate to the average Canadian. I am all for cleaner energy technology and welcome innovation and change, but from 40,000 feet Canada is not the pollution problem and pollution knows no borders. Sure, we can all do our part and we can all be better and greener,… Read more »

Garlet Farlett

How do I apply for a Alberta passport? I’m tired of the way Canada is being run from Toronto

Ivan Hawkes

Why Canadians don’t realize or don’t care that Justin has his lips firmly planted on the butt cheeks of the UN mystifies me. Those who voted for him are obviously ignorant of the realities of the UN’s agendas. The UN intends to inflict MASS migration on us to have Canadians absorb UNLIMITED global migrants with absolutely no restrictions or constraints whatsoever, the whole planet could move in here and we’d have nothing to say about it. The UN wants us to pay ever escalating unbelievably high prices for all forms of fuel. (which alone will drive up the cost of… Read more »

Moe S.

I just finished reading “The Strange Death of Europe” by Douglas Murray who talks about the mass migration into Europe. He mentions how the Middle East knows ‘borders are a pre-requisite for peace.’ “If you don’t have borders your in trouble” yet globalist politicians believe borders cause wars.”


So the leftist globalist have achieved their goal by dividing Canada.I remember an Australian prime minister was removed because he opposed globalisam.Obama’s hand is everywhere even in Canada.The sad part of it is Canada’s people can not see it.They are preoccupied by unimportant things what the globalist and leftist feed them.Ecconomony and good standard of living and stick up for Canada’s national idendity does not exist anymore.Well now we are losing Canada as a nation.Ofcourse this is not the end but the end of the beginning of desolution of Canada.


Spencer given these times within Canada could Provincial governor more Federally meaning without a Federal Government?
Now this would not happen overnight but couldn’t it work with laws binding each provincial premiers under a Canadian flag???

Guy-Paul Roy

Globalization did not work for the POOR Countries in Europe? The rich and have, got richer and the Poor and have not, got poorer. Nationalism just might not work in Canada? The Vote rich can dominate with fewer votes. Justin was voted against by many and he can continue on. Poor Nationalism for the Majority. The States are more disjointed than UNITED, VIA Nationalism. I feel Canada has not ever been united.


I can clearly see the writing on the wall and will be watching closely to see how the LiberalNDP socialist dictatorship progresses. We Canadians have been deliberately backed into a corner by a politically correct man-child who has no concept of the value of a dollar. I am fully prepared to divest all my Canadian investments and can wait to see how Western Canada develops some control over its own destiny. I can park my cash in my TFSA, ready at the first glimmer of the LiberalNDP dictatorship to make any aggressive move of control or manipulation of the West… Read more »

Steve Sedore

I am with you on that.


I do not understand why putting the definition of post national state negates my comment.

Cleroux, Jacqueline

Here’s what popped into my head regarding a post national state and open borders. Will we simply be a PARKING LOT! As the song goes, ‘It ain’t very nice to live in a parking lot, lot, lot, lot.’

Bob C

There will be a lot of talk and posturing about what needs to be done to bring Canada together, however, Westerners have to understand that the situation is irreconcilable, to continue in Canada is like living with a serial abuser, when faced with your ultimatum, they are going to be contrite and temporarily co- operative, but as soon as you drop your guard the abuse resumes, that is no way to live, resign yourselves to the fact that independence is the only solution and get on with it. Over the years, the West has worked the hardest at keeping the… Read more »

William Jones

“……only those two choices…” Unfortunately for our offspring, their offspring, and their offspring, this turmoil was intentionally brought about by Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada, both of whom, in my view, should be forever banned from our country. It is they who brought this about in their haste to placate their U.N. masters with the hope of some reward in their lifetime. As history shows, even the most important ‘pawns’ used to upset nations are often tossed in the trash when the goal is achieved for ‘those who manage’ from afar.