ANALYSIS: PPC Vote Cost Conservatives Seven Seats At Most, Barely Impacted Results

The Conservatives can’t blame the PPC for falling short of the Liberals in key Ontario ridings.

Before the election campaign, there were lots of concern that the PPC could ‘cost the Conservatives the election,’ by giving the Liberals a narrow margin in the decisive ridings.

Firstly, no party is owed votes, so if the Conservatives had lost votes to the PPC it’s not as if those votes were ‘stolen,’ they were the choice of free Canadians at the ballot box.

Secondly, fears of the PPC costing the Conservatives the election simply didn’t happen.

In the key Ontario ridings that decided the result, the Conservatives were decisively defeated by the Liberals, and the PPC vote had little impact on the margin.

In fact, according to an analysis by the Canadian Press, the People’s Party vote only made the difference in 7 seats.

If – and it’s a big if – all of the PPC votes in those ridings went to the Conservatives, the Liberals would have lost an additional 6 seats, and the NDP would have lost 1 additional seat, with the Conservatives winning 6 more.

That would not have impacted the final distribution of power in the election, in which the Liberals won a majority government mainly due to a dominant performance in the Greater Toronto Area. The Conservatives failed to make inroads there, actually losing support when compared to 2015. Even if every PPC vote went Conservative, that wouldn’t have changed what happened.

Spencer Fernando

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Major Tom

The Canadian Marxists and their useful idiots are content to ‘ lick the hand that feeds them…..”

Paul George

Spencer. There is one angle that occurred to me about that. First, let me say, WE lost it. The CPC. We wasted all that oxygen dialoguing and arguing the merits of voting for CPC over PPC with Bernier apologists, or at least I did, anyway. I could instead, have been maximizing my efforts cultivating more “#walkaway-like” moments amongst the Liberals. I, personally, count myself in the “missed-it” column with respect to that. I should definitely have given more time to trolling the threads and locating genuine Liberals with valid concerns, then spent my time validating those concerns and pointing to… Read more »

shawn harris

I agree with what you are saying about Scheer and the Conservatives. Scheer and the Conservatives both missed opportunity after opportunity to fully exploit Trudeau’s mistakes, failures, and extremely poor judgement over the course of these last four years. And they also failed with each and every opportunity to connect in a positive way with the voters, while allowing Trudeau to define who the Conservatives are. Each and every single failure, poor judgement and bad policy decision should have been seen as a chance to show the voters that there is a real alternative to the LIberals. But Scheer and… Read more »

Paul Chabidon

I found it so hard to bear watching the MSM pushback everything Scheer said, while Jackass Trudope got a pass on everything. Where was the push back from the media on Foreign Policy Trudope’s true achilles heel, or spending as well just Lip service at best ?
The MSM was Scheer’s biggest opponent!

Paul Chabidon

Max was a liberal plant I can’t believe no one else can see this how could he come up with the money to run a full slate of candidates?


It was just one more party put in place to lie and complain about the Conservatives who may have won if these parties and the bought out media were truthful. Wow proud rich Canadians according to the media, voted to help the world’s pollution all by ourselves. They had hoped that Australia would be the first, but they elected a Conservative government, so they can look after their own country. So if the fiction in our media has anything close to truth behind it, we can cheer on the rich Canadians taking our tax dollars and debt to support this,… Read more »

old white guy

The PPC was the only CONSERVATIVE option on the ballot. The fact that there are fewer real conservatives in Canada is a sad commentary on freedom in this country.


Yes but Canadian Conservatives can add and subtract and they know budgets don’t balance themselves, and these real socialists taxes will kill business. Bernier helped trudy make this election nasty and the lieberals knew they would never win, were just another lefty distraction/ Please look up info on Trudeaus infrastructure bank you will find Bernier and Soros names there all lefties, his older info was wiped mostly but was not good, some of it is there still, and Bernier and the ppc were just there to attack Scheer and lie about their policies, demonize etc. and did that in the… Read more »

old white guy

If Max had been the leader of the CPC and was promoting the conservative policies that the PPC were then the conservatives would have ceased to exist because there really are no conservatives in Canada, only socialists of various stripes and levels.

Phil Alexander

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Torontos’ love affair of Forest Gump is going to cost us dearly!

shawn harris

Sorry Fernando, the Liberals have a MINORITY GOVERNMENT , not a majority government. As for those six or seven seats, in minority government, they could well be the difference that determines just how long Trudeau’s government lasts. Especially since Trudeau needs every single vote in parliament he can get or he gets to see his dreams go down the drainpipe. I have and always will support the Conservatives. The fact remains that Scheer and his team of strategists failed to make a compelling enough case for the hardcore Liberals to abandon Trudeau and support the Conservatives. The results speak for… Read more »

Francois DuBois

I don’t agree on the minimal impact. The PPC boosters contributed relentlessly to the Andrew Sheer smear campaign. The effect of this effort is not measurable but would have contributed significantly to pushing many voters away from casting a ballot for the CPC.

David Henley

having a weak leader is why the conservatives lost. Far to busy trying to get the liberal votes and forgot about the conservatives. The PPC had a much better plan and leader but was shutout by the media. CBC needs to be cut out of the Canadian media as they don’t support Canadians. Liberal propaganda and a lot of stupid listeners. I heard one person say they voted liberal because they felt Trudeau had learned his lesson?????? How do you even reason with that??? If the media is going to play such a strong role in an election then rules… Read more »


No, they did not “cost” the CPC seats. The CPC leadership cost themselves the seats….heck even the election.
The abandonment of conservative principles is why the PPC exists. The CPC did this to themselves.

Paul Chabidon

7 seats doesn’t sound like much then you add non citizen votes plus all the dead people in the right ridings voting? There is your answer Canada did not return a corrupt inept judgement impaired imbecile to office of Prime Minister!


I agree with your assessment, Spencer. The real problem is that academia, through the establishment media, have convinced millions of Canadians that free speech isn’t important and big government is best.

I will also add that I am proud to have voted PPC, despite the huge disappointment, and will do so again until the CPC cleans house and fields a small government, freedom-loving candidate. Unfortunately, I suspect that, even in that case, demographic changes will prevent any future Canadian government from ever being right-wing.

don morris

I hate to say it but I told you so…….. That is the opening line of an old rock ‘n roll song from the 1960’s and it’s most appropriate now. Many of us CPC members were aghast when the Party elected Andrew Scheer to lead the party after the 13th ballot. We told everyone who would listen that Scheer was NOT the candidate for today’s Canadian voting public and that he could NOT defeat Trudeau in an election, which opinion we formed by watching the man in action for several years. Scheer has no apparent personality,inspires no one,can’t make a… Read more »


My point with the PPC was not that I did not like what Bernier was saying, it was that I wanted Trudeau defeated. The majority of people will vote centre and not for the wild card, so Bernier was pulling votes away from the possibility of Trudeau being removed. Everyone was against the Conservatives. That puts doubt in people that did not follow the weekly gaffs that Justin stumbled through the last four years.
I think the common thread here is we all wanted Justin gone.