Abdulahi Sharif Guilty On All 11 Charges

Sharif stabbed a police officer and ran over four people in Edmonton in 2017.

A jury has found Abdulahi Hassan Sharif guilty on all 11 charges.

In 2017, Sharif ran over Edmonton Police Officer Mike Chernyk, then stabbed Chernyk, before running down four pedestrians in a U-Haul.

Sharif was found guilty on five counts of attempted murder, one count of aggravated assault, one count of dangerous driving, and four counts of criminal flight from police causing bodily harm.

According to reporters in the room, Sharif showed little emotion:

“That’s all the charges. Sharif has been found guilty of all 11 counts he faced. No change in expression from Sharif throughout this.”

“There is some emotion shown from the jurors. One is wiping his eyes. A couple others appear drained. Judge acknowledges, “I know this has been a difficult trial for you.”‘

An ISIS flag was reportedly found in Sharif’s vehicle, and others have testified that Sharif had ‘genocidal beliefs’ and was an ISIS sympathizer.

Edmonton Terrorist Attack Suspect Identified As Abdulahi Hasan Sharif

However, terrorism charges were not among those brought against Sharif by the government.

Sharif will be sentenced December 12th and 13th.

Spencer Fernando

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Maybe Trudeau will have to give him 10.5 ml for all that suffering he has gone through ( when this should be paid to his victims ) SJW are so sad, really crying for this peoplekind, is he on parole now, like in Ontario (Doug Ford is changing this) while he waits for his appeal. I feel sorry and could cry for the policeman and his victims, they certainly did not deserve what was done to them.


It is another unfortunate situation that our system is not charging this terrorist as what he is.


So they’re still no calling it a terrorist attack then ?
Canada may never learn.


Canada must be happy, they voted for another Tru-doh Govt.

shawn harris

Abdulahi Hasan Sharif should be ordered by the judge when he is sentenced that he will serve each and everyone of these convictions consecutively. Then he should booted from Canada and barred permanently from entering Canada. Lastly add his name to the list of terrorists.
Most likely though, Trudeau will give him a reward of ten million dollars and say he is just a misunderstood victim.


He should have been charged with Terrorism as well, he had an ISIS flag in his vehicle! Our judicial system must wake up!


Pathetic MSM still adamantly refuses to call this islamic terrorism and condemn it as such.


So, he was not charged with terrorism. Canada’s broken justice system.