Angus Reid Poll: Liberals Benefited From Last-Minute ‘Strategic’ Voting

45% of Liberal supporters say they voted strategically, a much higher number than any other party.

A post-election survey by Angus-Reid shows the Liberals benefited from last-minute ‘strategic’ voting, a sign that the Liberal fear-mongering campaign was successful.

According to the survey, a full 45% of Liberal supporters said “voting strategically” was their most important consideration behind who they voted for.

By contrast, just 25% of Conservatives, 18% of NDP supporters, and 6% of Green supporters said the same.

And last-minute decisions played a huge part in the election results, with 23% saying they only firmly decided their vote on the day they voted. 12% decided in “the last couple days of the campaign,” while 27% decided “in the final week or so of the campaign.”

That leaves just 38% who say they had their mind made up “by the middle of the campaign or earlier.”

What this shows is that the Liberals were successfully able to demonize the Conservatives in the final days of the campaign, convincing people who may have been thinking of the NDP and Greens to vote for them – at least in the Ontario ridings that decided the outcome.

Ironically, this also likely means that Andrew Scheer’s calls for a majority government may have backfired, helping the Liberals to scare even more people about a potential Conservative win.

So, when anyone claims that the Liberals ran a ‘positive campaign,’ we will know the truth: The Liberals won because they – and their establishment media enablers – ran the most effective fear campaign seen in a long-time, and ruthlessly divided Canadians for their own political advantage.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube