ARROGANCE: Newly Elected Montreal Liberal MP Is Already Condescendingly Lecturing The West

Steven Guilbeault also retweeted article about “taking on the oil and gas lobby…”

It hasn’t taken the Liberals long to revert back to their arrogant lecturing tone against the West.

Newly elected Liberal MP Steven Guilbeault – who has repeatedly spoken out against pipelines and against the Canadian oil industry – is pushing the same arrogant attitude that is causing so much justified rage in Western Canada.

Here are two things Guilbeault Tweeted:

“May I remind @PremierScottMoe that 70% of Canadians just voted for parties that support #carbonpricing (oh, and by the way, you lost twice in the courts) “Moe calls for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to cancel the federal carbon tax”‘

“Hear, hear! “America’s neighbor to the north has become the petri dish for how far wealthy democracies can go in halting or reversing climate change — while taking on the oil and gas lobby and keeping voters on board”. Canada voted for the planet”

This is total arrogance, and it shows the real attitude of the Liberals – regardless of whatever ‘conciliatory’ words Trudeau puts out.

Apparently, to Guilbeault, the jobs of hundreds of thousands of Canadians in the energy industry are just a “lobby,” and he feels entitled to lecture Scott Moe, despite the fact that the Liberals got crushed in Western Canada and lost the popular vote.

So, when the Liberals talk about ‘bringing the country together,’ we know that is a total lie, and that they are really trying to divide it even more behind the scenes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I that the conservatives won the popular vote….what does the 70% include? Dogs and birds.


It includes the NDP who have formally declared they hate Conservatives, the Conservative Party, and Conservative Governments.


That is HATE SPEECH spewing from NDP terrorist-friendly party

Rudy Hiebert

Add the quote from the N.D.P. leader himself who said that he does not respect the Conservatives. How is that going look on Nov. 20 when the M.P.s are sworn in?


Surely, Canadians aren’t so stupid that they think the government cares about them? The government cares about power and pleasing the UN with your tax dollars (‘carbon pricing) and by revoking your freedoms. Best to wake up to the fact that the Canadian government does not care about it’s citizenry. If you want government that cares; move to the US where Trump actually cares greatly for the USA. Don’t expect this in Socialist voting Canada! Shame, Shame, Shame!

Barbara Nichols

Or better idea. Get actively involved in the one party that was threatening enough to bring down this house of cards. Donate, volunteer and spread our message of hope, unity and common sense.

Eric Blair

Nothing more than Steven Guilbeault jockeying for a seat in the cabinet. Make noise to impress Butts and Telford and Trudeau will do what he is told.


This is the same mindset that the UK citizens are fighting with the politicians and EU politicians.
Keep poking the Canadian citizens to the breaking point like in France.

Barbara Nichols

Not smart to keep poking the bear, is it?

Robert Anes

I wish we had KICKED out Quebec in 1995, they are ALWAYS making trouble and taking our money.
Besides that we would have been spared that IDIOT Trudeau.


1995 was the second time they tried to separate, the first time was with the first Trudeau and that was when we should have let them go even though at that time I was against the countries breakup, but if they had gone then that PE Trudeau would not have made an elite nation to control Canada, we would not be in this mess we are in today because all the Changes were made that has since really damaged Canada, but then they kept hidden from and lied to us just as much, what was done and to help Quebec… Read more »


There separation “attempts” were nothing more than a threat to extort their wants from the feds. Never and intention to actually leave.

Cheryl Prosyk

I have said all along, people that believe and vote lying Liberals have very low IQs. This is what represents the people of Canada. These people want everything for free. Guess what free is paid for by hard working people, paying taxes to support these lazy Liberal voters.


I think its high time we kicked the Federal Govt out of Canada, they are whats wrong in thes once great Country, Canada.

Barbara Nichols

How can you kick a federal government out of a country unless there’s a revolution? How about just donating, volunteering and spreading the message of hope, unity and common sense of the one party not in this fetid swamp.

Barbara Nichols

Quebec has a 4 Billion surplus this year. Time to give it back to the West after draining us for 50 years.


Just another ignorant libtard. I understand the winters in Montreal are very cold.No oil for you toad.


Yet one more “useful idiot” working for the globalist elite and the UN agenda. Neither he nor his party nor the other parties favoring carbon taxes will accomplish a damn thing to impact or solve “climate change.” If it was really such a concern, coal exports to Asia and China would be controlled, reduced or eliminated. Interesting that the righteous left in lower BC says little about their #1 export. Vancouver’s various coal facilities exported 36.8 million tonnes of coal in 2017 but they have “issues” with oil and pipelines? Along comes Guilbeault to further antagonize the west. No wonder… Read more »

shawn harris

Neither Trudeau or Guilbeault care to realise that the more they encourage the west to separate the more they pull the noose tighter around their own political necks. It is rather simple, the more you insult denigrate and demonize the west and the oil industry, the more easily it becomes for both Alberta and Saskatchewan, to hold referendums and say so long Canada. and for Trudeau and the Liberals to go extinct. And when that happens, just watch how fast Quebec will demand more money from Trudeau to make up for the loss of Equalization payments and social transfers, that… Read more »

Barbara Nichols

Quebec has a 4 Billion surplus this year so it’s time they give it back to the West after 50 years of milking us.

William Jones

“…..divide it behind the scenes.” Well, now, it is not truly ‘behind the scenes,’ anymore, is it? This is the type of arrogance that became popular just after the Avant guarde graduated from the universities in the eighties and it changed Quebec forever. Having lived in Quebec at one time, I can attest it would be hard to find a more gracious and helpful group of people than the then Quebecer. Those university graduates I speak of were the most insulting to those Quebecers who lacked the financial costs of a university that I witnessed in those days and embarrassed… Read more »

Kim Dodge

I wonder what the majority of Quebec politicians would say if the natural resource abundance in each region was reversed. Alberta and Saskatchewan had huge hydro power capacity and Quebec had huge oil and gas reserves. They’d be whistling a whole different tune.
Some of these politicians want to get to ground 0 in a few short years, regardless of the carnage. Try replacing 55% of total industry employment in western Canada in that time frame, for starters.

Peter Duke

Referendum Time For Alberta Has Arrived.


Biting the hand that feeds you, is not a smart move.


Federalism just doesnt work, I say throw it in the trash, and lets work out something better for Canada.

John Warner

Typical of the Liberal arrogance. Go ahead, keep shipping foreign (nasty-nation) and expensive oil up the St. Lawrence. Also, start drilling for your own oil and stop taking equalization payments almost four times the rest of Canada put together.

Barbara Nichols

What about a tanker ban on the St. Lawrence and a nondiscriminatory one for all trade?

Don Taylor

Turdeau has been trying to separate the country since he somehow got elected,the west and its would be glad to see Turdeau go along with his elitist friends