ARROGANCE: Newly Elected Montreal Liberal MP Is Already Condescendingly Lecturing The West

Steven Guilbeault also retweeted article about “taking on the oil and gas lobby…”

It hasn’t taken the Liberals long to revert back to their arrogant lecturing tone against the West.

Newly elected Liberal MP Steven Guilbeault – who has repeatedly spoken out against pipelines and against the Canadian oil industry – is pushing the same arrogant attitude that is causing so much justified rage in Western Canada.

Here are two things Guilbeault Tweeted:

“May I remind @PremierScottMoe that 70% of Canadians just voted for parties that support #carbonpricing (oh, and by the way, you lost twice in the courts) “Moe calls for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to cancel the federal carbon tax”‘

“Hear, hear! “America’s neighbor to the north has become the petri dish for how far wealthy democracies can go in halting or reversing climate change — while taking on the oil and gas lobby and keeping voters on board”. Canada voted for the planet”

This is total arrogance, and it shows the real attitude of the Liberals – regardless of whatever ‘conciliatory’ words Trudeau puts out.

Apparently, to Guilbeault, the jobs of hundreds of thousands of Canadians in the energy industry are just a “lobby,” and he feels entitled to lecture Scott Moe, despite the fact that the Liberals got crushed in Western Canada and lost the popular vote.

So, when the Liberals talk about ‘bringing the country together,’ we know that is a total lie, and that they are really trying to divide it even more behind the scenes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube