Detained Canadians Kovrig & Spavor Met With Canadian Officials, Few Details Released

The government isn’t sharing many details, and Kovrig & Spavor remain imprisoned in the Communist State.

Michael Kovrig and Michal Spavor – the two Canadians arbitrarily jailed in Communist China for nearly a year – recently met with Canadian officials.

In a statement, Global Affairs Canada said “The Canadian government remains deeply concerned by the arbitrary detention by Chinese authorities of these two Canadians since December 2018 and continues to call for their immediate release.”

Few details were released by the government, and Kovrig & Spavor remain imprisoned in China.

Notably, the Trudeau government has refused to take any strong retaliatory measures for the horrendous treatment of Kovrig & Spavor, sending a message that Canadian Citizens can be mistreated without any response, which thus puts more Canadians in danger.

Spencer Fernando