Ford Motor Company Cutting 450 Jobs At Oakville Assembly Plant

Production of Ford Flex & Lincoln MKT to be ended.

There’s more bad news for Canada’s auto sector, with the Ford Motor Company announcing the elimination of 450 jobs at the Oakville assembly plant.

Both the Lincoln MKT and the Ford Flex will be discontinued, according to an announcement by the company reported by Reuters:

‘“We will stop building the Ford Flex at the end of November. Lincoln MKT production ended earlier this month,” said Kelli Felker, manufacturing & labor communications manager at Ford.”

Canada’s auto sector has been struggling, with production continuing to shift towards Mexico in many cases. Clearly, the new NAFTA deal signed by the Trudeau government has done nothing to mitigate the damage.

While Ford is shifting away from the production of crossover vehicles, if Canada had a booming auto sector we would be in a position to benefit from the increased production of trucks. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I would bet all of those union dues they paid were used to re-elect Justin. I wonder how they “feel” about that?


If you ran a business here where they are against oil and gas and have “climate emergencies” try to shut down whole provinces, dividing the whole country etc. you would get your businesses out of here too.

alan skelhorne

I watched Trudeaus right hand man today Gerry diaz on the news, I wonder home many people he told to vote Trudeau, and the jobs would be saved. lol.
people are just so gullible in this day n age.

james isnor

I am sure its just a coincidence that they waited until after the election to make this announcement. I bet there are more layoffs to come in the next few weeks. Just wait

old white guy

Good old Canada killing jobs at the same old pace. We have to be the dumbest people on the planet.


So much for the great deal the Liberals got out of the USMCA!!!


This will be blamed on Doug Ford.


It’s all part of the corporate welfare program, have an election, get a handout

William Jones

Perhaps we should be saying: “Obviously the NAFTA talks did nothing to benefit Canada — particularly when you have a Minister and Prime Minister both either ignorant in the ways of such talks, or purposely allowing Canada to be the loser in such discussions. Personally, I adhere to the latter.