Sign The National Citizens Coalition Petition Calling For “A New Deal For Canada”

“The time is now for A New Deal for Canada.”

The National Citizens Coalition is calling for A New Deal for Canada, and we’re asking for your help.

Here’s what the NCC is calling for:

“The time is now for A New Deal for Canada.

The National Citizens Coalition was proud to play a major role in reducing the corrupt, incompetent Trudeau majority to the weakest, least-popular minority in Canadian history. 

Our #TrudeauMustGo campaign trended daily, with ads from our election-winning digital campaign team reaching over a million voters a month in the key swing provinces and ridings, and engagement numbers throttled those of the millionaire, foreign-funded special-interests that were backing the status quo.

We know those targeted ads ended up making a big difference in Alberta, Regina, New Brunswick, and BC.

But, like you, we have major concerns about the electoral map, and the problems it poses for National Unity going forward. 

By playing East against West, the Trudeau Liberals were able to cling to power — even without the popular vote. 

And now, with major taxation without representation issues out West, and the 905 again proving far too influential, we face a nation divided like never before.

It would be a mistake to sit around and just wait for this minority government to fall — especially with a cash-strapped, destitute NDP being nowhere close to election ready.

So we’re building off the success of #TrudeauMustGo — and immediately rolling into our NEW DEAL campaign. 

On behalf of millions of alienated Westerners, and taxpayers who don’t feel represented by their government, we’ll be targeting video ads from our election-winning campaign team right to Ottawa, to make sure that when Parliament reconvenes, your very real concerns about the future of the country don’t go ignored. 

What are we calling for on your behalf?


An amendment to equalization. If separatist Quebec wants to thumb their noses at the West, they’re welcome to do so. But first they need to lose those billions in undeserved funding.

An end to Bill C-69.

guarantee that the Carbon Tax will not increase.

Taxation WITH representation. The Canadian Senate is currently ridiculously imbalanced. With Quebec, Ontario, and Atlantic Canada holding a disproportionate amount of seats. Alberta, Saskatchewan, BC, and Manitoba NEED numbers far greater than 6 seats a piece.

And that’s just to start. 

First and foremost, we need your comments, suggestions, and signatures. 

Help A New Deal for Canada reach an early milestone of just 10,000 signatures. 

Join the fight for National Unity today!

And click to follow Canada’s pioneering political non-profit, and #NewDealCanada on Facebook and Twitter.”

I have signed the petition, and I encourage you to sign it as well. We need to fight for our country, and we must build a critical mass of Patriotic Canadians to win that fight!

You can find a link to sign the petition below:


Note: During the Election Campaign, I was honoured to write a weekly column as Election Fellow for The National Citizens Coalition. The campaign may be over, but I am excited to announce that I will be continuing my work with the NCC, as Campaign Fellow, where I will continue to write weekly columns as the fight for our nation deepens.

Spencer Fernando

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I am in, and am happy to pass this on.

Sandra Davenport

“A guarantee that the Carbon Tax will not increase.”
How about NO CARBON TAX !!!
It’s bad enough that Mulroney brought in the GST… a temporary tax… ahem… right.
Everything is taxed. Enough.


We do not want a new deal with a corrupted government. We want out of the bad Marriage ! We do not want to be part of the UN. We want out !

old white guy

Throw in a guarantee that the carbon tax will be repealed and maybe I will get on side. As a regular recipient of NCC material they know my views on taxes and the Canadian electorate.

Robert Black

Carbon tax is a scam I do not agree with any scam. 0 carbon tax

Steve Richards

I signed but sadly this will go nowhere. There is only one solution. Separation or the thread of actually leaving to get any attention. Let’s face facts. This has been going on for a 100 years, it is not going to change now easily. Wexit Alberta is the only option.

shawn harris

This new deal sounds like a good start to a better Canada for all Canadians. I must add a suggestion that there would also be an addition of new seats and representation west of the Ontario Manitoba border. As it stands now, there is a political representation imbalance, where Ontario and Quebec, with their 199 seats in a 338 seat parliament control what happens all across Canada. To bring about a balance of fair and equal representation to all Canadians, just divide the current ridings in half west of the Ontario manitoba border and double up their representatives. Thus the… Read more »


Shawn Harris I believe this would help a lot, but we need much, much more done to equalize this country fairly once again.

Joanne Sierpinski

Alberta needs to break away from the east. They r no benefit to Alberta’s economy. Stop all equalization payments to the government ASAP.

William Jones

Reducing it to its easiest — ‘go gettum.’