DISGRACE: By Having Canada Participate In Military Sports Competition In Beijing, Trudeau Hands China A Big Propaganda Victory

Rachel Curran said it well on Twitter: “The only Canadian military members in China should be JTF2, rescuing Kovrig and Spavor.”

Justin Trudeau has once again shown his subservience and weakness towards Communist China.

The World Military Games are being held in the Communist State in Beijing.

Obviously, the Trudeau government should have boycotted the event, considering China’s kidnapping of Canadian Citizens Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.

But instead, Trudeau sent a Canadian delegation anyway.

And now, as reported by the Globe & Mail, China is using Canada’s participation as a propaganda win:

“Beijing’s embassy in Canada says the fact the Canadian military just sent a “big delegation” to a sporting competition in China is more evidence the Asian power is not losing friends.”

China attacked a Globe & Mail column that had pointed out how China is losing support around the world, and used Canada’s participation as part of the push-back:

“In the future, we will have more and more friends in various fields.”

It highlighted the presence of Canada and other nations in the World Military Games, held in China from Oct. 18 to 27.

International participation in the games, which attracted “9,308 military athletes from 109 countries, including a big delegation from Canada, speaks volumes in this regard,” the embassy said.”

So, not only has Justin Trudeau failed to stand up to Communist China, and not only has he failed to show strength in defense of Canada’s interests, he’s now giving China propaganda wins that make it easier for the brutal authoritarian state to mistreat Canadian Citizens and mistreat their own citizens.

On Twitter, Rachel Curran perfectly summed it up:

“The only Canadian military members in China should be JTF2, rescuing Kovrig and Spavor.”

Once again, Trudeau’s weakness is a total disgrace, humiliates our nation, and puts Canadians at even more risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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