DISGRACE: By Having Canada Participate In Military Sports Competition In Beijing, Trudeau Hands China A Big Propaganda Victory

Rachel Curran said it well on Twitter: “The only Canadian military members in China should be JTF2, rescuing Kovrig and Spavor.”

Justin Trudeau has once again shown his subservience and weakness towards Communist China.

The World Military Games are being held in the Communist State in Beijing.

Obviously, the Trudeau government should have boycotted the event, considering China’s kidnapping of Canadian Citizens Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.

But instead, Trudeau sent a Canadian delegation anyway.

And now, as reported by the Globe & Mail, China is using Canada’s participation as a propaganda win:

“Beijing’s embassy in Canada says the fact the Canadian military just sent a “big delegation” to a sporting competition in China is more evidence the Asian power is not losing friends.”

China attacked a Globe & Mail column that had pointed out how China is losing support around the world, and used Canada’s participation as part of the push-back:

“In the future, we will have more and more friends in various fields.”

It highlighted the presence of Canada and other nations in the World Military Games, held in China from Oct. 18 to 27.

International participation in the games, which attracted “9,308 military athletes from 109 countries, including a big delegation from Canada, speaks volumes in this regard,” the embassy said.”

So, not only has Justin Trudeau failed to stand up to Communist China, and not only has he failed to show strength in defense of Canada’s interests, he’s now giving China propaganda wins that make it easier for the brutal authoritarian state to mistreat Canadian Citizens and mistreat their own citizens.

On Twitter, Rachel Curran perfectly summed it up:

“The only Canadian military members in China should be JTF2, rescuing Kovrig and Spavor.”

Once again, Trudeau’s weakness is a total disgrace, humiliates our nation, and puts Canadians at even more risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Another four long years of gaffes by the radical left, or the un-progressives, but east Canadians elected this, while our debt grows and the country is lied to (as complete coverups.)
All is well, supposedly they just hired thousands of workers to start on the pipelines? are they Canadian workers? the globe did not say, so is Canada fixed now? Lets pretend again, still.


This is on top of Mandarin classes and courses being taught in some BC schools in a curriculum provided by Communist China. Nothing from the Liberals, Conservatives, Greens or both the Singh & Horgan NDP. Don’t political Parties and their leaders give a damn about Canada? The Western Republic wouldn’t tolerate this garbage.


There are those in Australia referring to their country as “South China.” Perhaps we will be “Eastern China” before we even realize it happened. Globalist elite and UN agenda…..and guess who still wants to take us there.

William Jones

Like daddy, like son.

Donald O'Kane

Trudeau love the Chinese Communist Dictatorship. Send him and his whole Liberal Party there for good. They would be much happier living there. Then maybe we could get Canada back and on track to being Canada again.

David Henley

Tell the people who voted for him. They have the CBC machine to thank.We need to remove this vile media source.

shawn harris

Trudeau has lost what little was left of his mind. Trudeau should have easily seen that he would be used as prop, a useful idiot by sending our military to these games. The word traitor doesn’t begin to describe the outrageous betrayal of Canada and Canadians,especially Kovrig and Spavor, by the mindless stupidity of Trudeau. Does Trudeau think that he is buying the favour of China, by sending our military to these useless propaganda games and that somehow he will look like genius by affecting the release of Spavor and Kovrig. It has become painfully clear that Trudeau hasn’t learned… Read more »

Brian Dougan

RIP Canada. “Send in the Clowns.” (Sung by Judy Collins; 1975.) “…Don’t bother; they’re here.”

Garry Goold

Again we are being humiliated by China thanks to our incompetent Liberal government.

old white guy

Trudeau has never seen a communist dictatorship he does not admire. Hold on to your hats the ride is going to get a hell of a lot worse.

David Henley

Well we know that China is one of Trudeau’s pet projects. He wants to be a dictator and will do anything to stop Canada from being a free nation. He has broken Canada and will continue to destroy every part of our society since he believes in communist countries. What will it take for people who wish a free society to get the message.


David, communist China and Russia + run the U.N. and Trudeau wants a seat there. a vote for Trudeau is not a vote for Canada, it is a vote or the U.N propaganda.


Climate change climate change my foot all talk and no action.If you are so serious you would not constantly fly to all those Globalist meettings burning of millions aircraft fuel.If you are that serious start modernasing transport system so that we can burn less fuel.I do not see any of it.They just want power and feed us BS.And by the way China and India are worse poluters in the world why don’t go and lecture them.

William Jones

And Trudeau, clearly showing his subservience to China is sending a contingent of our military to participate in ‘games’, all the while denying them the proper equipment to bring them up to scratch and still lying about the veterans ‘”asking for too much.” Spending monies in this manner, along with all the money given to countries around the world are the true causes of not being able to support our veterans. Another Trudeau lie.