Trudeau Government Redacts All 27 Pages Of Briefing Note On Media Bailout

“Open and transparent.”

A ministerial briefing note on the Trudeau government’s corrupt establishment media bailout has been redacted.

Not just one page.

Not just a few pages.

Not just parts of certain pages.


The entire thing is redacted.

The mass redaction was revealed by journalist Nick Taylor-Vaisey:

“A journalist asks the Department of Finance for a copy of a ministerial briefing note. The topic: recommendations made by the panel of experts that looked at how to implement new federal money for journalists. The response: sorry, it’s all redacted. All 27 pages. #cdnfoi”

This is quite disturbing.

The establishment media bailout is a clear example of the Trudeau government attempting to corrupt the media to do their bidden, and make the media feel beholdened to the Liberals.

The Canadian People deserve to know what’s in that briefing note, but the Liberals are denying us that opportunity.

And as we saw in the campaign, the coverage received by Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives was incredibly biased. Unfortunately, that bias may get even worse going forward, meaning the Conservatives will need to embrace someone with celebrity star power and charisma to bypass the biased, bought-off media entirely.

Spencer Fernando


As Canada faces an increasing risk of breaking apart, we need independent Patriotic voices like Spencer Fernando now more than ever. If you want to support Spencer, you can contribute through PayPal at the link below:

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Stealing from the taxpayer to have the media keep him in power. Then hides the information. Sounds like Justin.
Too bad peoples accept this kind of corruption.

shawn harris

Trudeau has not only bought off our media, he has poisoned it to the point of it now being so corrupted, it will soon be called the ministry of truth. Trudeau has by buying and corrupting our media, has also effectively undermined our freedoms, rights and democracy. Trudeau said that his government would be the most open and transparent government ever. This last election has proven beyond any doubt that everything he said and promised was just a total pack of lies. The level of trust the citizens had with Trudeau is now broken so badly it is now beyond… Read more »


Cannot this be challenged with the minority Government??


How did trudope get a minority gov?63% of southern Ontario is illegals brought in by libtard open border policies. I ‘m not sure of the total numbers between wynne and trudope.If only half of the 78 seat went conservative Scheer would have won 34 more seats giving him a minority government.As almost always Ontario decides the federal election and the west gets nothing.Unless We conservatives find away to change the voting demographics I fear the next election in less then two years won’t change anything.Can we survive and keep what’s left of our sovereignty? I believe a recession is looming… Read more »

Beverley Campbell

I take a very small enjoyment from the fact that no one, absolutely no one has any faith in the media after this, they will continue to decline and disappear……..through fault of their own greed.


That Trudope is SOOOO corrupt, and this is only the 1st instance after the election. There will be hundreds more. Stupid people who vote for Lieberals.


if it happens at that level, imagine when the small guy tries to get justice from government …. OUR SYSTEM STINKS


What is this ? Serious question….Is Canada already a communist country ?????


So this is surprising? Maybe only to those who are drunk on the far left liberal koolaid.

old white guy

Everyone must know by now that Canadians are inferior intellects. Only total and complete fools would accept this. Where is media, why in the liberals pocket, so don’t expect anything from them, not the truth anyway.

Garlet Farlett

Ahhh yes, liberal transparency again I see.


Canada is finished as a democracy and this is absolute proof.


How is it possible that any Canadian actually voted for this despicable individual? Every single word he speaks is an outright blatant lie. He openly believes it is his money to use, bribe, give away and to spend. Trudeau has no concept of the value of a dollar. Money is an imaginary concept.

Brian Dougan

“And as the flames climbed high into the night
To light the sacrificial rite
I saw Satan laughing with delight
The day the [country] died.”

Recorded by Don McLean; “American Pie” (1971.)


Tax payers money used to payoff the media , how is it not the public’s business ? And why are they spending tax payers dollars to shut down media outlets that don’t agree with them Rebel news , True north and I am sure there are others