Trudeau Government Redacts All 27 Pages Of Briefing Note On Media Bailout

“Open and transparent.”

A ministerial briefing note on the Trudeau government’s corrupt establishment media bailout has been redacted.

Not just one page.

Not just a few pages.

Not just parts of certain pages.


The entire thing is redacted.

The mass redaction was revealed by journalist Nick Taylor-Vaisey:

“A journalist asks the Department of Finance for a copy of a ministerial briefing note. The topic: recommendations made by the panel of experts that looked at how to implement new federal money for journalists. The response: sorry, it’s all redacted. All 27 pages. #cdnfoi”

This is quite disturbing.

The establishment media bailout is a clear example of the Trudeau government attempting to corrupt the media to do their bidden, and make the media feel beholdened to the Liberals.

The Canadian People deserve to know what’s in that briefing note, but the Liberals are denying us that opportunity.

And as we saw in the campaign, the coverage received by Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives was incredibly biased. Unfortunately, that bias may get even worse going forward, meaning the Conservatives will need to embrace someone with celebrity star power and charisma to bypass the biased, bought-off media entirely.

Spencer Fernando


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