REPORT: Oil & Gas Company Encana Eliminating Canadian Links, Changing Name, Moving To United States

Former CEO blames “destructive policies” of the Trudeau Liberal government.

In another disastrous omen for Canada’s oil & gas industry, Calgary-based Encana is eliminating their links to Canada with a planned name change, and a move of their corporate domicile to the United States.

As reported by BNN Bloomberg, “Encana Corp. plans to establish its corporate domicile in the United States and change its name to Ovintiv Inc. in the process, the company said Thursday, a move that takes the oil and gas company further away from its Canadian roots.”

Encana’s announcement can be viewed below:

Following the report of Encana’s plans, former Encana CEO – and Founder – Gwyn Morgan, ripped the Trudeau Liberal government:

“In an email to BNN Bloomberg, Gwyn Morgan, who founded the Calgary-based company, expressed his disappointment with the decision, adding he believes “destructive policies” of the federal Liberal government left the company with no choice but to shift its asset base and capital program to the U.S.”

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney also ripped the Liberals:

“Today’s decision by Encana to move to the U.S. is not isolated.

It reflects the broader decline of the Canadian energy industry at the hands of the Trudeau government.”

Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage issued a statement:

“My statement on @encana’s announcement to establish their corporate domicile in the US. #ableg #abpoli”

Clearly, this is a disastrous announcement, and is yet another example of how the Trudeau government and foreign funded groups are betraying Alberta’s energy industry and pushing investment and opportunity out of our country.

If this keeps happening, our energy industry will face total collapse, and Canada will face the breakup of our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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This is not a surprise to me. Look at the job losses across the country this week.
Post national baby, we are being destroyed.
The liberals must be so proud of their accomplishments.
More to come…

Donald O'Kane

All these oil companys see what all us Western Canadians see. Time for us to do the same and leave our once GREAT COUNTRY we call Canada. Turdeau has doomed Canada!!!

Dave Allsopp

The way Encana top brass have been cozying up to the Liberals in recent years they have no grounds to criticize essentially what they themselves set up.


Coining a new term…” to go Encana “.. cutting all ties to Canada to flee the Liberal disease


About 2 out of 3 Canadians voted for leftist parties and the destruction of our economy. I couldn’t be more dismayed to see this happening to our nation, and especially Alberta and Saskatchewan. Things are going to get much worse.

Lynne Mayotte

That absolute demon PM of ours is in the fast process of destroying every inch of OUR CANADA, not his that’s for sure. May he go to hell quickly along with the traitors to Canada that voted this beast in again. Amen.


The voters who put Trudeau in have done Canadians a disservice. They have created a life for everyone that will continue to hurt this country for years to come. Thought of moving to the west or to the US have entered my mind. They have said yes to a dictator. If they had a clue what was coming their way , they would have said no. It is hard to tell an idiot that they are idiots because they wouldn’t understand.


That should make Trudeau happy. That’s what he wants.


All part of the globalist plan, balkanize Canada and they’re also trying this in the states too but Canada is much more docile.