Imagine What Would Be Happening Right Now If Bombardier Was Planning To Move Their Headquarters To The USA…

An interesting thought experiment.

The coverage of Encana’s move to ditch their Canadian connections, rebrand, and move to the US has gotten a bit of coverage in the establishment press.

However, that coverage has been relatively subdued, lacking much urgency or an understanding of how serious it is.

So, let’s just take a second to imagine what would be happening if Bombardier was planning to move their headquarters out of Montreal and into the United States.

All hell would have broken loose, and the federal bailout cheque would almost certainly have already been sent.

It would be a crisis, with the Prime Minister and the Quebec Premier holding crisis meetings, calling up the executives to ask them to reconsider, asking the executives what government support they needed to stay in Canada, and making it clear that they would do anything it took to stop the move to the United States.

And that wouldn’t be the wrong thing to do.

There’s nothing wrong with a country protecting historic companies in the national interest, and keeping a company like Bombardier in Canada is a good thing.

But here’s the problem.

The elites and the Trudeau Liberals don’t extend that same attitude to Canada’s energy sector.

They should be in crisis meetings right now with Jason Kenney, they should be calling up Encana’s executives, they should be willing to make policy changes to prevent this move to the US, protect Encana’s Canadian heritage, and ensuring that the company – and all Canadian energy companies – can succeed in our country, rather than moving to other countries instead.

Yet, rather than taking the action I mentioned above, there’s just silence from the federal government.

No urgency, no desperation, no action.

This thought experiment on what would happen if Bombardier was planning to move is important, because it helps people realize why Western alienation is surging, and why that alienation is so justified.

The double-standard in our country is appalling, and everything is being rigged against Alberta’s energy industry and against Western Canada.

Spencer Fernando


As Canada faces an increasing risk of breaking apart, we need independent Patriotic voices like Spencer Fernando now more than ever. If you want to support Spencer, you can contribute through PayPal at the link below:

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Don Taylor

It is time to start thinking about the west separating from the corrupt Turdeau East


How true, how true. Thank you Spencer for pointing that out.

old white guy

Laughing my ass off without any silly freaking letters that are supposed to mean something. Bombardier moving to the US without Canadian government money to do so. There are no words that can describe the laughter.

Robert Laybourne

Why wouldn’t Bombardier leave after milking Canada for all their assistance. Executives have to get paid & get bonuses. It would be a great opportunity to get away from Canadian unions & a blood sucking federal government

old white guy

You have to remember that for every billion the libs give to Bombardier there is reciprocal kickback to the liberals. Been that way since day one with that Quebec bastion of corruption.


You heard of “you scratch my back”? This is their definition of honor among thieves.

shawn harris

Double standards and double dealing with Trudeau and his hypocritical and corrupt Liberals is just standard practice. Everyone has to remember that with Trudeau, everything involves or revolves around his need for power at all costs. So, to fulfill that need, he will deliberately not govern in the best interests of Canada or for Canadians and for a certainty, he will, as he has proven over these last four years sacrifice and destroy the oil industry; so long as he can get and keep the votes in his favoured provinces of Ontario and Quebec. And if anyone thinks for even… Read more »


I have seen nothing in the media yet here in Ontario, maybe later? This is just so sad, but until, or now if even possible we actually can get a Canadian government elected, that is for the whole country not one province ruling with all the newcomers and non thinkers or brainwashed big spenders who really do not care for our countries future or believe it is the end of the world as the progressive lefties keep pushing. Can the RCMP now investigate? If this could happen and they could be arrested as should be possible, maybe we could then… Read more »


Actually I have lost my sympathy for Canadians. We have witnessed the last 4 years the Liberal/Trudeau wrecking ball and how he has destroyed this country. Election 2019 was an opportunity to rid ourselves of this socialist communist style of government. Did it happen?


Our fellow Canadians are more stupid than you think.

William Jones

All part of the ‘Trudeau Plan,’ that was started by Pierre back in the sixties and if anyone cannot see the connection, I would suggest they reset their ‘think’ button.

Donald O'Kane

Well stated Thought Experiment Spencer. And the East wonders why we want to separate and resort to calling us names.We want fairness in Confederation. We don’t really want to separate and are all good Canadians and LOVE Canada but not the Canada that is taking shape. The reason we want to leave in 2 words – TURD EAU. Oh was that a typo, oh well let it stand!!!


This is so true. The federal government does not care about anyone west of Ontario, because they dont need the votes. Why does Atlantic Canada have almost the same number of MPs as Alberta, yet Alberta has almost double the population?