VIDEO: Premier Scott Moe Slams Trudeau’s Hypocrisy

“And because they don’t seem to be located in a certain area of this nation, we are seeing words not actions by this Prime Minister.”

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe slammed Justin Trudeau for leaving “Saskatchewan waiting,” and for his hypocritical attitude.

Moe noted that the Trudeau Liberals are doing nothing for the energy industry, even as more and more companies leave the country.

Here’s part of what Moe said:

“We see today another company that is leaving Canada. We see challenges in our economy due to policies that have come from the Federal Government. And I would put forward that Encana and all of the people that work for that company should remain in Canada. I would put forward that TransCanada, all of the people that work for that company should remain in Canada. Just like the Prime Minister believes that all of the people that work for SNC-Lavalin and Bombardier should remain in Canada.”

And then, Moe pointed out Trudeau’s hypocrisy:

“And because they don’t seem to be located in a certain area of this nation, we are seeing words not action by this Prime Minister.”

You can watch Moe’s remarks below:

“Every day we see the impact of damaging federal policies from the last four years.

If the Prime Minister is serious about addressing the frustrations of the West, he will follow through on his commitment to meet.

It’s disappointing that he has left Saskatchewan waiting.”

If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Spencer Fernando

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How ANY real Canadian -in good conscience – could re-elect Trudeau is totally incomprehensible to me.From his open borders and greatly increased immigration numbers with NO apparent concerns about the affects on Canada ( other than building his voter base, of course ) , his multi-billion dollar giveaways to OTHER countries to his outright arrogance and name calling of good Canadian citizens that happen to disagree with his globalist policies ? Frankly ? I’m sometimes surprised that ( former Privy council clerk) Michael Wernick’s ‘ concern’ of a ‘possible assassination’ ( due to the anger in this country) didn’t come… Read more »


Scott Moe seems like a good man for Canada and Saskatchewan.

alan skelhorne

wyh on earth would you wait dor him. the guy is a total idiot. start the separation papers, and be done with it. make the roc cry for help when the millions that will turn into billions of dollars for those two provinces,.

Keith Picard

Stop Stalling Moe & Gives Us Our Vote On Separation. We Want Out Now !!!!!

William Jones

I listened to Scot Moe and came away with the feeling that to say the least, he was not a ‘happy camper.’ And who could blame him? His comments were right on target and he is well aware that all the provinces west of Ontario suffer badly when the P.M.(?) is from Quebec. In fact, all of Canada suffers for the same reason.

shawn harris

Trudeau’s vision for Canada begins in Quebec and ends at the Ontario Manitoba border.Anything east or west of those borders is either filtered out or ignored completely. In Trudeau’s mind if you are not willing to accept his vision for Canada, you will be shut out of any conversations about Canada, Canadians, be demonized, called Uncanadian, or worse yet a racist. When it comes to jobs, the only ones that matter are to be found only in the very small Trudeau world of far left socialist Liberalism. Strong, rational arguments in favour of jobs, the oil industry and the fate… Read more »

Brian Dougan

Yes…Trudeau’s “twisted little world.” A dark place to dwell; completely disconnected from reality.

Gordon E Surbey

Scott Moe, a true leader with a clear vision, who is casting aside corrupted, partisan politics to stand up for the values & interests of not only Saskatchewan, but all of Western Canada. Mr. Kenney, we Albertans are waiting……

Robert Burns

My opinion, Quebec will be gone within 10 years, BC will go it alone, Alberta and Sack will join together Manitoba and Ont will be one country, The east will join together as one country. My wife’s family are Quebecers, a very nice family but are not Canadians, Their nation is Quebec. They want their own country. They look at the crime and gangs, and extreme multiculturalism in the rest of Canada and it scares them. Quebec is the best-run province in Canada. It is resource-rich and beautiful. Quebecers support each other and show a lot of kindness to one… Read more »

Casey Peterson

Maybe you should pay more attention as to where the money comes from to make Quebec the best Welfare State in the world in which to live!

old white guy

Sask, the birth province of Canadian socialism. Hmmmm.

old white guy

Mo jo, he got none.