Trudeau Government Election Law Crushes Free Speech, Mimics Legislation In Authoritarian States

Jail for “misleading information” about politicians is something you would expect to see in a dictatorship, not a free country.

How bad and dangerous is the Trudeau government’s election law?

Even CBC is ripping into it.

Yes, I was surprised to see that even CBC has been raising concerns about the law, with a report by Evan Dyer even making the comparison between the law to what we see in authoritarian states.

The law is the amended Section 91 of the Elections Act, and here’s what it says:

“Elections Act, 91 (1) No person or entity shall, with the intention of affecting the results of an election, make or publish, during the election period, (a) a false statement that a candidate, a prospective candidate, the leader of a political party or a public figure associated with a political party has committed an offence under an Act of Parliament or a regulation made under such an Act—or under an Act of the legislature of a province or a regulation made under such an Act—or has been charged with or is under investigation for such an offence; or (b) a false statement about the citizenship, place of birth, education, professional qualifications or membership in a group or association of a candidate, a prospective candidate, the leader of a political party or a public figure associated with a political party.”

And the penalty for violating the law?

Up to 5 YEARS IN JAIL, and/or a fine of $50,000.

Think about that for a second…

5 years in jail for a Tweet or post or statement about a politician that the government deems to be ‘misleading.’

Here’s what Dyer wrote about it:

“No charges have yet been brought under Section 91 relating to the 2019 campaign, but international experience shows that such laws have become a weapon for governments looking to silence online dissent.

Egypt and the Gulf states have aggressively prosecuted social media users over critical comments, using laws ostensibly intended to prevent disinformation.”

It can’t be emphasized enough that if even CBC is comparing this law to what we see in authoritarian states, then imagine how bad it really is.

And the law has already had an impact, with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation saying they were more wary about sharing things on social media during the election campaign.

Of course, that’s exactly what the Liberals want. They want Canadians to be afraid to criticize the government, afraid to slam Trudeau, and afraid speak out at all.

That’s why we must demand that this law be repealed, and spread the word about how dangerous and authoritarian it is. As I’ve said many times, the Trudeau government is moving in a more and more authoritarian direction, and we can’t just hope that will stop in it’s own. The Canadian People need to demand that it stops, and we need to demand that our free speech and free expression is restored.

Spencer Fernando

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That is why we will never have a real election again, only this government can lie, everyone else goes to jail, Canada is gone it has been taken down, be careful only whisper in dark corners and learn about fear, as I feared, far worse is coming.


I predicted well before this election that it could very well be the last “democratic” election in Canada. We are now officially a dictatorship.

Add this to the racist M-103 and Trudeau’s intention to confiscate firearms as he is destroying the resource industry and we see Canada being intentionally ripped apart.

It is going to become dangerous to admit to voting Liberal.


How about jail time for lying and misleading (by) politicians?


What would one expect from the rumoured son of Castro, and Chinese communist dictatorship fanboi?

What other totalitarian-state measures will they push in order to tighten their grip on the reins of absolute and perpetual power? Disarm the populace?

Oh, wait…


Frightening! How can we stop Justin from becoming the dictator he appears to want to be?


I wonder if Mr. Winchester and Mr. Remington might have an unexpected response? Fair question.



In my humble opinion a post national dictatorship is what we are headed for, inch by inch.

Brian Dougan

Eventually Spencer’s comments section will be empty. We’ll all be in the slammer.


Hah haha scary.

Raymond of Canada

This comes as absolutely no surprise. When otherwise upright and Christian people can blindly vote for a leader who compels his ministers to support abortion, I know a great deception has taken place. From LifeSite: *He pledged $81 million to the UN Population Fund, which funds abortion. *He pressured Prince Edward Island to begin offering abortion on the island by threatening to withhold federal health funding. *In response to Trump’s defunding of abortion services overseas, he announced an abortion fund of $650 million for developing countries to make up for the lost cash. *On a visit to Ireland, Trudeau pushed… Read more »


Trudeau should heed his own laws but then we know one set of rules for him and one set for all other’s.


so then trudo & his minions are getting charged? I think the libs mislead people with accusations they made about the conservatives.

shawn harris

This amendment to the election laws is just another nail in the coffin of our charter rights . Trudeau has from the last election of 2015, shown himself to be abject failure at being a PM worthy of the trust and support of the public. He has deliberately tried to undermine our rights and freedoms, starting with the summer jobs attestation clause, where you had to agree to his undermining and diminishing of your right to free speech by declaring whether or not you were in favour of abortion or not. Trudeau and his government have set themselves up as… Read more »

pancake rachel corrie

Wooden charging the political opponent with white nationalism and racism be construed as against this part of the elections Act so shouldn’t Trudeau be in jail


We need to call a snap election


Wait until WEXIT registers as a federal political party with Elections Canada.

Major Tom

Trudeau……tinpot or tinkerpot….Both hats without a chin strap……..


Question? did the independent lieberal Senate have to pass this new election law? or is it just added by Election Canada? and did the Conservatives and other parties know about it? and why was it not an election issue? that by itself would have changed the election results possibly, I have not found out answers yet? and I still would like to know why the “Canadian Infrastructure bank” has names like Soros and Bernier and Trudeau in it? there is just so much transparency I cannot find real answers? or are we taxpayers not allowed to know or even talk… Read more »

old white guy

You want communism you got communism. I have been yapping about freedom for a long time now yet the average Canadian does not have a clue as to what I was talking about. Well folks here is just one more example of stupid people getting what they voted for. Too bad it affects all of us. We poor stupid Canadians.

William Jones

Welcome to my 50th anniversary of ‘yapping,’ sir — sure wears on a guy, eh? from another “old white guy’ and proud Canadian — the kind that annoys our wannabe dictator.

Garlet Farlett

Yep, lets limit freedom of speech and take citizens guns… Wonder when the liberal party will require all it’s members to wear brown shirts.

Trevor Marr

How certain are we that Conservative Blue Ontario, re-elected the Failing, crooked, unethical, fearmongering, inept Federal Liberal Government, or was this election, like the Federal Liberal Government, a Fraud?

Trevor Marr

The Left are Powered by a 50/50 blend of Treason and Hypocrisy! Their Tank says 4 years to EMPTY, but let’s hope they run out of Gas sooner!

William Jones

Well there we have it — the first step in ‘him’ declaring himself dictator for life. History is replete with such musing from those in charge and every time the result is a dictatorship. Shortly after ‘his’ ascension to the throne I predicted that he was slowly, but inexorably, on his way as a ‘wannabe dictator’ and from some, I was chastised. And now we are on the brink of that very happening. It has not manifested completely, but the ‘Stalin approach’ is being used — “Two steps forward, one step back.”

Jan K

Sir, you say that the Canadian People need to do something about defending free speech; this is a secondary question. The Canadian People voted Trudeau in, and in a democracy, this is important. The real question is how to help Canadians understand that a lack of free speech can be used to propagandize by both sides when in power. Democratic protections are for Liberals as well as Conservatives; it’s for all of us across time, and in a smaller way, elections. A lack of free speech shapes the minds of youth, all youth, and is dangerous to both political extremes.… Read more »

old white guy

Excess verbiage will not do it.

Ex Canadian

Western separation now.


We shouldn’t be surprised. Remember during the 2015 federal campaign, during one of the “Justin Unplugged” sessions, someone asked him which country he admired. His reply was that he really admired China.