Elizabeth May Resigns

No longer Green Party Leader, but will stay on as MP.

Elizabeth May has resigned as Green Party Leader, after 13 years at the helm of the small environmentalist party.

She will remain as MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands.

May’s tenure was marked by repeated bouts of media-pushed ‘Green momentum,’ which then invariably came up short on Election Day.

Still, May brought the party from zero seats, to 3 seats, and had slowly grown their presence in Parliament.

Yet, it seems May had reached the limits of her ability to grow the party, leading to calls for a new leader to potentially help the party take the next step.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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This is awsome because her bs didn’t work thank god


Good – one less socialist which is what this party is really about now, more than anything. Just like the NDP. Now if only the party would fold due to a lack of interest, generally, after 30 odd years,that would be a good thing.


Of all of our lefty globalist party leaders, I think they will have a hard time finding a replacement that seems to believe this ecco warrior propaganda as much as she seemed to, the others just use it as a way to take more taxes and support globalist elite that are making trillions of dollars selling windmills and other non performance systems and tax supported expensive E cars, as yet and so far not at all better for the environment of course that would be a reality they do not want us to know.

old white guy

Now if only the whole party could get their heads out and become something other than freaking communists…..

William Jones

THAT, sir, cannot and will not ever happen.

J. Dempsey

Probably the guy standing behind her with his poppy on the wrong side will be running the party next. How disrespectful


Best news I’ve heard all day

Clive Edwards

Actually the pseudo-left (Liberals in particular) are meat puppets for the hard core globalists, who are equally at home pulling Conservative strings. Recently Global Research sent me an article outlining the collusion between SNC Lavalin, Gordon Campbell, Christie Clarke, Brian Mulroney, Trudeau and nearly all leaders of all provincial and federal parties in Canada. The article exposes the scam of “renewable energy”, man made global warming, the national system of hydro dams SNC Lavalin is designing and building across Canada, including “Site C” in British Columbia, and the biggest prize of all – building a continental scale canal to siphon… Read more »

William Jones

Oh, my goodness, what will we do without the ‘Nanny Liberal’ to keep beating the drum for the real Liberals? A Liberal is a Liberal by any name.


Good riddance. One less commie.