Much Of Canada’s Drinking Water Worse Than In Flint, Michigan

Yet we keep giving our money away to foreign countries.

Canada gives away billions in foreign aid every year.

So, you would think that must mean all our problems here at home are fixed, right?


Our country has tons of problems, far too many to name all of them here.

But there’s one that’s surprising a lot of people:

It turns out much of Canada’s drinking water is worse than the water in Flint, Michigan.

Yes, that’s the same Flint that was the nightmarish centre of a lead-laden water disaster, with fears that an entire generation of Flint’s children would suffer long-term cognitive problems from massive amounts of lead in the drinking water.

Well, looks like things are just as bad, if not worse, in much of Canada:

“A new study has found that some Canadian cities have higher levels of lead in their drinking water than Flint, Michigan, which has become synonymous with contaminated H20.

The year-long investigation, conducted by more than 120 journalists from nine universities and 10 media groups including The Associated Press and the Institute for Investigative Journalism at Concordia University in Montreal, reviewed thousands of previously undisclosed results and tested water from hundreds of homes in 11 different cities. Researchers recorded lead levels above national safety directives, including at some schools and daycares.”

Notably, regulations on tap water in the United States are far more stringent than in Canada. And in some cases – including the entire province of BC – municipalities don’t even have to test their tap water:

“The BC NDP has been obsessed with blocking oil pipelines, yet has done NOTHING about the fact that BC municipalities don’t have to test their tap water.”

This also raises the question once again of foreign aid. Why are we giving our tax dollars to other countries, when something as basic as removing lead from water, isn’t being done adequately here?

“Interesting to see that Canada has billions to give to foreign countries but can’t do anything about the massive amount of lead in our drinking water. Broken and screwed up priorities once again.”

We see yet again that our politicians are obsessed with utopian schemes and ‘saving the world,’ yet they can’t even get the most basic infrastructure right. How can they expect us to trust them when they fail on something so fundamental?

In case you are wondering if you have lead water pipes, this video from the City of Hamilton can help:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube