Wexit Alberta Moving Towards Becoming Federal Party

Party makes explicit comparison to the Bloc Quebecois.

The Wexit Alberta party is moving closer to becoming a federal party.

According to a CTV News report, the founder of the party says they are submitting over 500 signatures to receive registered party status, more than double the 250 needed:

“Peter Downing told CTV’s Your Morning that Wexit Alberta had taken the first steps to becoming a federal party and filed paperwork with Elections Canada.

“We’re sending in over 500 signatures, over double the required 250 signatures,” said the founder. “We’re going to do for Western Canada what the Bloc Quebecois does for Quebec.”’

The Wexit Alberta movement recently held a rally, where roughly 700 people attended.

Downing’s comparison of Wexit Alberta to the Bloc Quebecois is quite interesting, as it matches what I predicted would happen previously. Because the Bloc has been so successful in using the threat of separation to gain additional benefits for Quebec, it’s only a matter of time before those tactics are copied.

Now, our country faces the prospect of rising separatism in both the West and in Quebec, and parties that represent that sentiment gaining strength and influence.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I’m a member and support the cause 100%. TDFs can leech off another province.


This is the only good choice left for Canada as too much brainwashing using fear and lies to gain power has been taken here in the east, and has become more than a threat to Canada as a country. Canada was never meant to be ruled by one province taking all the power. As we knew originally it had to come to this. I really hope that they will run politicians in all the provinces as they get stronger so the whole of Canada starts supporting all of Canada equally but they better start with buying and running some truthful… Read more »


I should have added that getting the military and police on board should be a first step, or start setting up your own.

Major Tom

Excellent! Let this failed social engineering experiment called Canada be hoisted on it’s own petard…

old white guy

Why freaking bother. Most Canadians are as dumb as a bag of rocks. Never tie yourself to the average Canadian.

Donald O'Kane

Old white guy I find your statement insulting. Many Eastern Canadians have been brainwashed by the media and are complicit with them and the Lieberals. Many Easterners are in agreement with the West. The Conservatives got the popular vote so more Canadians wanted them in power. The election had been rigged by the Lieberals and Trudope by seeding key ridings and sending out propaganda demonizing Conservatives and telling refugees how to vote. They did this using our tax dollars which I find very offensive and in my opinion illegal.

shawn harris

Since Wexit is now going to be registered political party and should it become as powerful as the Reform party of the 1990s, then the Conservative vote will be just as badly split for the future. Then Trudeau like Chretien would be racking up election victory after election victory; just what Canada doesn’t need after the last four years of Trudeau trying to crush the west’s economy and pit provinces and regions against each other. Add to all of this Trudeau created mess of a nation, the prospect of Scheer being booted as leader of the Conservatives. All combined together,Trudeau… Read more »


Pursuing FEDERAL party status presumes and supports the value of federalism. It will accomplish nothing. Energy and effort would be more productive if focused and directed within Alberta to hold Kenny’s feet to the fire and at least get the full “fire wall” implemented ASAP. Then work can continue toward a more complete separation.

Clive Edwards

Wouldn’t it make more sense to boot Ontario out of Confederation? Or come up with some sort of a “black flag” event that would motivate Ontario to leave?

William Jones

Precisely as per Pierre — it was he who initially wished to see or accomplish to break up of Canada and now Justine has succeeded. I believe is one does a check of dictionary definitions they will find that such an act is an act of treason. Treason, in my view, is not foreign to the Trudeau family since Pierre was well on his way to accomplish the break up of Canada prior to his death and Justin, having been tutored by Pierre since the age of understanding in either or both ‘official languages’ this is the result. The Trudeau’s… Read more »