Wexit Alberta Moving Towards Becoming Federal Party

Party makes explicit comparison to the Bloc Quebecois.

The Wexit Alberta party is moving closer to becoming a federal party.

According to a CTV News report, the founder of the party says they are submitting over 500 signatures to receive registered party status, more than double the 250 needed:

“Peter Downing told CTV’s Your Morning that Wexit Alberta had taken the first steps to becoming a federal party and filed paperwork with Elections Canada.

“We’re sending in over 500 signatures, over double the required 250 signatures,” said the founder. “We’re going to do for Western Canada what the Bloc Quebecois does for Quebec.”’

The Wexit Alberta movement recently held a rally, where roughly 700 people attended.

Downing’s comparison of Wexit Alberta to the Bloc Quebecois is quite interesting, as it matches what I predicted would happen previously. Because the Bloc has been so successful in using the threat of separation to gain additional benefits for Quebec, it’s only a matter of time before those tactics are copied.

Now, our country faces the prospect of rising separatism in both the West and in Quebec, and parties that represent that sentiment gaining strength and influence.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube