MURDERPEG: 11 People Have Been Murdered In Winnipeg In Just The Last 30 Days

Among the recent homicide victims are a 14-year-old girl, and a 3-year-old boy.

Winnipeg is once again seeking to ‘earn’ the Murderpeg label.

A stunning surge of crime has put the city on edge, and caused struggling Mayor Brian Bowman to throw up his hands and ask for federal and provincial help in desperation.

In just the last 30 days, a whopping 11 murders have happened within the city limits, bringing the total number of homicides to 40 so far in 2019. That’s on a pace to break the record of 41 murders set back in 2011.

Among those murdered recently were a 14-year-old girl who was stabbed to death at a Halloween party, and a 3-year-old boy named Hunter Haze Straight-Smith, who was stabbed while he slept in bed.

Additionally, an infant was injured after being shot with a shotgun on October 27th.

Now, Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman, who has often been criticized for being focused on politically-correct virtue-signalling rather than actually addressing real problems, is desperately seeking federal and provincial help.

Here’s what Bowman said:

“We’ve reached a point where a face-to-face meeting between the prime Minister, the premier and I is absolutely warranted. So that we can ensure that we are as aligned as possible to coordinate and focus our resources in ways that’ll make a meaningful difference in the short and long term in our community. For that reason I’ve reached out today to the prime minister and to the premier to respectfully request an urgent meeting between the three of us, so that we can discuss the events over the last week.”

Bowman’s efforts to rebrand Winnipeg have fallen flat, with homicides, drug crime, thefts, and a pervasive sense of danger enveloping the city. Additionally a recent poll of NHL players showed them picking Winnipeg as the city they least like to visit.

The fact is that the Winnipeg municipal government must direct more resources to front-line policing (not going after traffic ticket revenue), and initiate a strong crackdown on criminals and gangs. Political correctness, virtue-signalling, pandering, and and trying to be all things to all people simply won’t work.

And of course, crime will continue to be a huge problem until pathetically weak federal legislation is changed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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This is the clear vision of the deteriorating state of our country and this is one province. We no longer have a system that values the life of the victims of crime, but makes victims out of the perpetrators.
Grievously the way I see it, it will not get better. We have far too many people that know how to play the system. Then our system is built financially in favour of the legal system to keep this going.
It is a no win for the people that are paying for it financially and by having to live with it.

old white guy

Hey, they could be number one, they just aren’t trying hard enough.


Sounds like a virtue signalling paradise. Vigils every day all day. Leftist urban environments drive humans crazy … simple law of nature … look at all the stabbings…what about gang hits? that is major source of Toronto homicides…but politicians (like this excuse for a mayor) have no clue what to do..but vote for them you useful idiots will do


Another striking example of social and economic dysfunction in a virtuous post nation state.

David Henley

Just another example of liberal policies at work. Toronto is goes down the same road following the policies of the liberals. The people voted their mayors in and now asking for help. NO….change the way you make your laws. Stop the pandering to special interest groups, stop being soft on criminals. If you treat criminals like they are part of the society then that is what you are going to have. We already have too many criminals running this country. Following their example will lead your city into a hell you may not recover from.

alan skelhorne

so funny, you ain,t see nothing yet mayor.
its only going get worse in all of Canada, Trudeau and yourself mr. mayor are to blame.
stop being so politically damn correct, and grow a pair.

Brian Dougan

Pathetic. I guess “climate emergency” will have to take the number 2 spot in Winnipeg. Bowman wrings his hands and begs Trudeau for help? Cringeworthy. Yeah; Trudeau will pass more gun laws….Then advise the mayor to get all murderers into therapy. Seriously–Ask Trudeau for help?? Look in the mirror Mayor Bowman. Show some leadership. It starts with you.

William Jones

Let me guess — Mayor Bowman is a Liberal???


My gosh, what could the problem actually be? Problems from people who should remain nameless….Better organize another panel to study it, at least a good reason to pay alot of liberals, and delay any question…